Tuesday was Payton's first day at day care. I took a half day in the morning so I could go with Tim to drop her off. It wasn't as hard as I expected it would be, but that is probably because she was sleeping when we got there. She is the only infant in her day care so she is in the toddler room for now. When we got there, we brought her in her class (in her car seat still) and since she was sleeping they put her seat right in her crib. I imagine this is because they didn't want to wake her up by taking her out and couldn't leave her on the floor in her seat... toddlers are curious and would probably want to play with her. There was one cute little blond girl that was just crying the whole time we were there. I said I was going to go do what she was doing because I know how she feels.... Tim said when he went to pick Payton up, poor little girl was crying again. It is a nice day care and we were very prepared with anything they could have needed for her. The only thing that bothered me was that she was fed a little early (45 minutes). Payton NEVER eats more than 20 minutes early. She is a very routine child and sticks to her 4 hours. I wrote them a note in her folder and told them this, but they fed her early anyways. I had written in her paperwork that she naps between 130-230 and will probably get fussy. I guess they missed that note because that is exactly what the problem was. She was ready for her nap... they misinterpreted it as hunger. Luckily, it isn't a big deal because she hopped right back on her schedule. I just think I am going to type out detailed instructions for them. I know the first day of school is crazy and trying to remember all the different things parents tell them isn't easy. But so far, so good. Here are some pictures of the "first day of school"...

Getting ready to go (I just love that we got to put her in a jacket today!)

I think she is just so cute I had to share all of these practically identical pictures :)

In her car seat, in her crib at day care... the bed wasn't made up or anything yet.

Her cubby- yes I am that mom that took a picture of her cubby
Her name on the wall
I hope you don't mind the excessive amount of pictures. I couldn't resist sharing them all.
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  1. Cutie patootie! There are only five kids in her daycare class? That's impressive. The one we are considering for our Nugget takes 12 kids for 3 teachers.

  2. It is just a mothers day out... so it is only from 930-230. The full time day cares are more full and the good ones have little to no availability. The other 4 kids are toddlers though lol

  3. Dana (Hancockheir):

    I would have taken a picture Aydan's cubby too - but they didn't have his name ready yet:( They did it later that day though and let it dry (glitter name!!!!).

    Did you cry at all? I cried for about the first hour that I was at work - I think it's just becaue I was so used to having him with family for his first year so I got updates and picture texts.

    Hope it continues to go well for you!

    she is a cutie!

  4. I cried just for a couple minutes. It was a lot easier because she was sleeping when we got there lol. Tim dropped her off alone today and she was awake and he said he felt really bad

  5. Good job Payton on your first day of school! :-)
    ♥ Kyna


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