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Just a quick reminder to enter my giveaway here. It is quick and easy and you definitely want to win! Who doesn't love something free? The giveaway ends Friday and I will randomly select a winner this weekend. So far only 3 people have entered!

These two comments were added to the review, but I can't post them because they aren't entries and I don't want to mess up the people who did enter. But I do want you all to see other people's reviews too..

I'm not entering, so you can remove this after you read it. :) But I wanted to say, I didn't know about the monthly membership thing, thanks! (I'm also doing a giveaway on this product, it's pretty awesome, I must say!) Good luck to the participants!

I already have it too and it is a lot of fun! Good luck to your readers :)
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  1. Very cute blog! I'm a teacher, too. My kids are a bit older...enjoy her!
    Following from the hop.


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