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What Payton has been up to...

Picture overload alert!!!
Payton has been very busy this past couple weeks. Besides going to the zoo and watching football (which she LOVES).. she has been..

having "class picnic day"... also wear red to school day. She was the only one in her class to wear red and the teachers even said "I knew Payton would be the only one to wear red!"

hanging out in her jumperoo and watching cartoons or sports...

playing with her friend in the mirror...

finding her feet...

reading stories...

trying to hold her own bottle...

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3 months already?!

Where has the time gone?! I can not believe our little girl is already 3 months old. It feels like just yesterday we were driving to the hospital, and just a week ago that I found out I was pregnant. In fact, a week or so ago, Amy and I were looking through some old plans we did and we found plans we were working on right before I was pregnant. And I specifically remember sitting at her table thinking I had the worst cramps ever, only to find out a few days later they were Payton cramps, not otherwise. And to think I didn't know Amy was pregnant at that point!

Not too much has been going on the past few weeks. I have gone back to work :( and a lot of mess is going on with Tim's job. But we are hoping for a better opportunity soon...

Payton's 3 month stats:

Sleep- Oh Payton, we are so glad you got something from your mommy! You just love to sleep. And that means that mommy and daddy can sleep too. You started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and have been doing it ever since. You tell us when it is bed time, which is always between 8:30 and 9:30. Sometimes you fall asleep waiting for daddy to get home but as soon as he gets home you wake up for just a few minutes to see him. When you are ready to really go to bed, you give a little fuss to let us know you want to be swaddled. As soon as the sleep sack is on you are ready to go. We put you in bed, sometimes read you a story (depending on how asleep you already are), turn on your sounds and projector and shut off the lights. You drift off into a peaceful sleep within 5 minutes and are asleep until anytime between 6am and 8am. Usually you wake up before mommy leaves for work, but there have been a couple days you slept right through it. 

Daily Routine- With me going back to work, this is pretty set. Every morning you wake up to eat while mommy gets ready. Daddy feeds and changes you and you both wait for me. Then all of us (even Roscoe the Pooch) go outside. You, daddy, and the pooch wave bye and come back in the house for your morning nap. I bet Roscoe LOVES that he is having extra naps. On Mondays you are going to Becca's to spend the day with her and James while daddy goes to work (for now at least). Mommy picks you up after work and we come home to play until you are ready for your evening nap. This is usually a cuddle nap and if mommy is tired, we sleep together. When you wake up, you have your last bottle and a bath (usually) and then hang out waiting for daddy. On Tuesday and Thursday (for now) daddy takes you to day care at 9:30 where you get to go for walks all the time! Daddy picks you up at 2:30 to come to mommy's work and wait for me. When I get out, me and daddy switch cars and we go home while daddy goes back to work. The rest of the afternoon/night is the same as Monday. On Wednesday, you spend the day with daddy until papa gets out of work and comes over. You hang out with Papa and then when I get home we go to nonny and papa's house. You love your time with Papa and he says you talk to him a lot! Friday you spend all day with daddy and he brings you to mommy's work to switch you and the car off and he goes to work. We do the same thing as we do every day at night. Sat and Sun we are bums! We love to lounge around and read, nap, play, sew, craft, blog, etc. You love to spend weekends with me. And Sundays... oh Sundays! Football season has started. The day daddy had been waiting for to spend with you finally came. And now on Sundays we have football day! Nonny and Papa come over to watch the Bills with us. 

Feeding- You are eating 6 ounces every 4 hours, 4 times a day. Never more, never less, and never early. You are still having a fit when it is time to burp but we know that you are just doing it because you want the bottle back, because if we are in public you don't do that! Next month we will get to try cereal! I can't wait!

birth- 6lbs 8oz
2 weeks- 7lbs 8oz
1 month- 8lbs 15oz
2 months- 10lbs 5oz
3 months- mommy's guess is 11lbs 13oz... I was close this time! 11lbs 11oz

birth- 20 inches
2 weeks- 20 1/4 inches
1 month- 21inches
2 months- 23 inches
3 months- 24 inches

Diaper size- still in a size 1
Clothing size- You are wearing all kinds of sizes. You still fit into some of your newborn dresses but I think we can retire those. You don't wear them really anymore because you have so much other stuff. You fit into 0-3 months for the most part, even though some of it is still a little big. We also put you in some 3 month stuff. Some of it is big but it is cute and we just can't resist putting you in it. We love getting you dressed everyday because anything we put you in is just so cute. Ha who am I kidding- you could be stark naked and still be cute!

Hair color-
birth- brown and a lot of it
1 month- brown but it seems to be lightening and even getting mommy's natural red highlights (you can see them in the sun)- still a lot of it- but it seems she is losing some
2 months- it is looking a little more red in the sun and is thinning out- a lot. She has two bald spots in the back of her head now, instead of just the one she was born with.
3 months- looking brown again and the bald spot in the back is just a hot mess. It looks like we took scissors and cut a straight line clear across the middle. The dr is guessing most of the hair will fall out and grow in a different color. 
Eye color-
birth- brown/green with a blue outline
1 month- it appears she will have eyes like her daddy- some days they look green, other days brown, other days hazel, and even once or twice they have looked blueish gray.
2 months- they are more brown than green so I am guessing she will have big brown eyes.
3 months- still brown but they have their green days. 

Favorite toy/entertainment- Oh this is a fun one this month! You just love to play with mommy and daddy and smile at almost anything we do. Your hands are some of your favorite toys. And you suck on those things like it is your job! Not the thumb, the whole hand. You also LOVE baby piano (thanks again Amy and Aubs). I really think your true favorite is the keyboard. If mommy is typing you eye it up and swat your arms until I let you have a turn, and it is the cutest thing in the entire world! You love to type to people! Nonny is your biggest chat buddy and loves to talk to you on facebook. Oh and you just love to stand up! I think it is because you like to be at the same level as whoever you are with. 

Nicknames- Pretty Girl, Baby Girl, Stinks, Chunka Monka, Princess, Chunker Butts, Miss Tish, Stinker Butt, The Prettiest Girl, The Biggest Girl, Pretty Girl Payton, Stinker Pot... I am sure there are more things we call her I just can't think of them right now. She is going to hate us when she finds some of these out LOL

Funniest moments-  This had to be (again) when my mom was holding her (notice my mom has a way of getting Payton to do these things).. She was standing on my mom and having a good time. All of a sudden she squatted down and started to "bear down" and was grunting away. I am sure you can all figure out what was happening here, and the look on her face was priceless. We could not help but laugh. And she even got a big smile about it. At least we know she knows how to "go". I also think it is funny that at least 2-3 times a week, when Tim is changing her diaper, she pees on him. She does not do this to anyone else. I can leave her diaper off for a few seconds (not that I brave it that often) if I have forgotten something, and nothing. Tim takes her diaper off and as soon as she is free, it is like a spout! And she smiles about it... he may not think it is funny, but I can't help it. 

Favorite moment- There isn't one favorite of the past month I don't think. Having gone back to work, I think that my favorite moments are any that I am home with Payton and Tim. We have our bonding time listening to Disney park music and having bath time (we do bath before Daddy gets home because you are going to bed earlier now- and daddy isn't fond of bath time yet... he likes to watch). Daddy gets his bonding time when he puts you to bed for the night. If you stay up long enough, Daddy puts you in your bed and then reads you a quick story. A few times you have fallen asleep before Daddy grabs the book!

Milestones- Nothing too too big has been happening this month. You decided to have a lax month I guess. You are starting to follow people around the house with your eyes now. Especially daddy. If he moves, you have to see where he is going. You definitely recognize people and smile at everyone.

You learned this month how to yell...not cry, but yell if you are mad. You have yelled at toys a few times and you talk to yourself in the mirror. Your jabbering is getting more and more common and some days you could just go on and on.

You found your feet just a couple weeks ago but haven't quite figured out how to grab them yet. If we help you, you will grab them and hold on, but when you try to get them yourself you can't figure out how to get them to stay still so you can get them.

You really aren't a bobble head that much anymore. Unless you are just tired, but now if it is up to you, your head is up and looking around. You want to know anything and everything that is going on. I call you a little nosey rosie because you don't want to miss anything!

You have grabbed a couple toys but I am not sure that you knew what to do once you had them. You would much rather we put the toy in your mouth for you than you having to hold it. You love your teething toys because they are easy to put in your mouth and you love your Zoe doll. You chew on her hands like it is fine dining. Oh, and in the bath, you love to chew on your bath luvee! You are always trying to get that and your hand in your mouth at the same time.

You are on your way to giggling but it just hasn't happened yet. You get so animated but you haven't figured out how to get the laugh sound out. Hopefully we will get to hear that soon enough!

time watching the Bills game with Daddy (and dancing to the Shout! song- post soon)
time going to "school"
time going to Becca's (without mommy)
time sleeping with one arm free of the swaddle
time seeing your feet and trying to get them
time "saying hi"... yes we know this isn't really what you are doing, but you mimic the hi sound so well we can't get enough!
book in the mail (post about this coming soon)

I planned to do separate posts of letters to Payton each month, but since she is now 3 months and I haven't started that yet, I decided that I will just put them at the end of her monthly posts. Maybe that will keep me on track... so Payton's first letter from us..


We can't believe that 3 months ago you came into this crazy world, announcing your arrival for everyone who cared to hear. You are changing and growing so much everyday that it just amazes us. It is hard to remember what life was like before you. You have changed our world so much and in such a great way. We are so thankful that we were blessed to have such an amazing little girl in our lives. You brighten up our moods (especially mommy after a bad day at work) and no matter what is going on, we can always count on you to put a smile on our faces. Everything that we do is for you now. Nothing else in this world matters except to make sure that you are as happy as can be. And because this is one of the songs we sing together a lot (thanks to Pandora playing it a lot) I thought I would put some lyrics in here for you..
Some other folks might be, A little bit smarter than I am. Bigger and stronger too. Maybe. But none of them will ever love you, the way I do. (From "You've Got a Friend in Me")
We love you more than words could even describe Payton Grace, and we can't wait to see you grow more and more.

Mommy and Daddy

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And the winner is...

After having a hard time figuring out how to copy the random generator image (is there a way other than a screen shot and I am just that clueless?), we finally have a winner for the My Memories software! Payton is proud to say she "helped" pick the winner (she was on my lap while I did the random generator) and is happy to announce the winner is comment number

Becca said...

I posted about the Giveaway. Here is the link -

Congratulations!! Send me a comment (that I won't post) with your email and I will get your code to you as soon as I get it! 

If you didn't win, don't worry. I still have a code that you can use! Copy and paste this into the promo code box when you order to receive $10 off and you will also receive an additional $10 off to purchase kits after you download the software! Trust me, this is worth the price! 
Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Mini daycare update...

Payton just LOVES daycare. And you are probably thinking "yea ok crazy, how would you know? She can't tell you!"
This is how I know... (Tim sends me a picture when he drops her off and when he picks her up. It helps me get through the days.)

And they just love her. We aren't the only people who think she is the best baby...

And just this past Tuesday, she had her first fire drill!! She didn't even cry. I am so proud of our little big girl!

And on Mondays, my friend Becca keeps Payton.... and seriously, could these two be any cuter?! They were sharing secrets.... or plotting their future attacks on Becca... not sure which. Either way- cute as a button! Little James there is coming to love Payton... Daddy better be on the lookout for his little girl!!

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