To do lists...

Does anyone else obsess over need to do lists? I swear I can't function if I don't have a list. I used to do it because I had so much to do I never wanted to forget. Then I got pregnant... it became a necessity. That whole "pregnancy brain" is no joke! And to the pregnant mamas out there... don't get too excited for your trusty memory to come back. It doesn't. It just turns into baby brain. I like to think that the reason I have lost complete functionality of my brain because I gave it to Payton and that she will be a pure genius. I have to do lists all over the place. And everything and anything is on them. I have a list inside my lesson plan book that has everything I need to do for the week. I have a list of things I need to do around the house and things I need/want to do (like "play wii fit" or "clean the kitchen"). It isn't so much that I forget I need to clean (because believe me, my house not so subtly reminds me) as much as it feels great to cross something off. I have even put minor things on my lists just so that I could have something to cross off. Pitiful right?

So what is on my to do list for today this weekend?
Finish planning and prepping for next week... which includes completing the mile long to do list that is currently residing inside my plan book.
Clean the house
Take pictures of Payton
Organize the mess I made of our office/guest room... when I do lessons I tend to have organized chaos and it consumes whatever room I am in. This time I was generous enough to leave the mess in the office instead of the living room. But if only you could see it... it is like walking in a mine field.
Edit the buttons on my blog- there are a few I want to add and some people have updated theirs so I want to put the new one up. And possibly create a new one for ours.

Prioritizing those things would be smart... finishing prepping for the week is pretty darn important since my substitute can't do my lessons if I don't give them to her. And cleaning would be nice so we didn't look like complete slobs (we really aren't I have just been a little lot stressed- and luckily no one is coming over this weekend so I am not trying to impress anyone). But really, the first thing I want to do after Payton has her lunch is take her pictures. I have been putting it off long enough now. I try to wait for Tim to get home from work but that has been failing us because Payton goes to bed early now. And on Sundays we are so busy that we never get to take her pictures. So today, I think I will attempt it alone. Wish us luck! If I get them done there will be a cuuuuuute post! (Well, aren't all posts with Payton pictures cute?!) Forgive me for the lack of pictures in the past couple posts- I am on the new computer with no pictures on it yet. So I can't even hold you over with a picture of Roscoe or casual one of Payton. But just know it will be worth the wait... kinda like Christmas morning... kinda.

PS I finally got my microsoft office working after speaking to too many people that couldn't fix it. I finally got someone today who fixed it in 2 minutes... I am not sure why none of the other geniuses I talked to couldn't do what she did, but I am just glad she fixed it. So while Payton is still sleeping (for about another 1.5 hours) I am going to attempt science lessons...

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  1. Hi Gina!

    I need "to do" lists to survive..haha! Seriously,'s sad. ;)

    I have SO many sticky notes because of it...that's okay, though...I love sticky notes ;)

    Hope you get everything done on your list + enjoy your weekend while you're at it!

    I have work today, then my uncle's 60th birthday surprise party, church tomorrow morning, food shopping, etc.

    Happy Saturday!


    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. haha I used to use sticky notes... but they were just too small for me. I use full sheets of paper now! I am glad I am not the only one who can't function without them. I swear I would forget my head if it weren't attached sometimes!

    Enjoy your weekend!! Your weekend sounds a tad bit more exciting than mine haha

  3. Hey lady, thanks for stopping by today. :)

    1. I TOTALLY had the prego brain & let me just say it doesn't get any better, only worse...

    2. Definite list maker over here. I've been known to add lil extras myself for the satisfaction of crossing them off. I just bought a calendar organizer book thing to help out with the chaos :) I am also a BIT ocd.

    3. Our list consist of some fun at a birthday bounce party, yay!! The cleaning can wait a little while I get my bounce on.

    Have a splendid weekend lady!

    Ash from

  4. haha I am also a bit OCD... which does NOT help out my cause haha

    Have fun at the bounce party!! That is way better than cleaning! Bounce a few times for us lol

  5. Oh thank the lord! I'm not the only one! I make lists for EVERYTHING. My husband makes fun of me for it all the time... but at least we never forget anything at the grocery store! :)

  6. Thanks for finding my blog! I'm following you back and I can't wait to get to know ya better! Have an amazing weekend!

  7. Hello I am stopping by from mom follower and yes I need a list to function. I used to have post thingys all over the house now with the iphone everything has been made quite a bit easier. I would love to have you follow my blog.
    Happy Saturday

  8. Yes, I depend on to do lists to occasionlly when I know I have a lot to do. Following back. Thank you for stopping by & following. Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Oh yes! The iphone definitely helps but I still need the old fashioned piece of paper list. Plus I like to see the stuff being crossed off LOL

    Jess even WITH the lists I forget things... I have lost my to do list once and freaked out! lol

  10. I have lists for everything too! Nick hates my lists...I actually sometimes make lists for him! lol I don't think I would remember anything without them, but sometimes I wish I could let free and live without the lists.

  11. I forget things all the time, if I don't write it down I tend to forget it :) New follower from MBC, look forward to your future posts!

  12. Rachel, I definitely can't let go of the lists. I would forget EVERYTHING!


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