Some crappy cell phone pics...

Since we have been slacking on the posting lately, I figured I would share some terrible quality cell phone pictures to give you an idea of what Payton has been up to...

We do the dishes together...

She has been smiling on purpose

She made best friends with the blinds (and ceiling fan- moving or not- but no pic of this)

We take Roscoe outside

She rocks her shades like a little diva

She made VERY good friends with her mobile toys... Amy told me to be on the lookout for that Mr. Elephant... Aubrey has one too and he is on daddy's radar for getting too close to Aubs. We will be watching for any funny business!

And she is getting stronger and stronger every day... (she has rolled over a few times but I am not sure it was intentional and I never caught it on video or camera). 

I can't believe how much she has grown from this...
to this...

in just one month...
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  1. AHHHH I'm not ready for all of these changes with Brycen yet... he's got the strongest neck for a week old - and is already moving his head from left to right and back.... they grow up way too fast. she is absolutely adorable though - be sure to enjoy this time!

  2. That is awesome! I love all the pic, especially when Daddy is showing her the blinds. I think she looks like Daddy!

  3. Dori she absolutely looks like her daddy... I just carried her for 9mos lol

  4. These pictures are so adorable. awwwwwwwww, beautiful baby!


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