Seriously?! Thursday!

I found From Mrs. to Mama's blog recently and just loved this link up, so decided to do it. Because there are plenty of things that make me say seriously?! every week. And not always in a bad way...

1. Seriously?! Registration for school was last Tuesday and as of today I am being told students are still registering. Seriously?! You couldn't get there at any point BEFORE school started to sign your kid up. 

2. Seriously?! I have 23 students and only 19 desks. Did you want these kids to sit on the floor or what? Because I don't even have a table to put them at in my "classroom". And even once I get the desks, who knows where they will fit??

3. Seriously?! I can't go into detail here, but a couple people in particular are really making me just shake my head and think "seriously?!"

4. Seriously?! We are going to most likely take Payton for her first trip to Buffalo in the middle of December. When there will probably be a blizzard. Seriously what were we thinking (she is getting baptized though and that was the only weekend that works for us so far). 

5. Seriously?! With this temperature?! Poor Payton hasn't seen much of the outdoors since she was born. I think we have taken her on two walks (one in the evening that had to be cut short due to bugs). It is just too hot. The poor girl gets little sweat drops going from the car to a door. We are ready for fall in this house!

6. Seriously?! Apple please release or announce the release of the supposed new iPhone so we can either get the 4 at a lower price or get the new one. Because my poor phone is on it's last legs. And I know if we upgrade the new one will come out a week later.

7. Seriously?! You all don't know this, but Payton is talking to you all as I type this. She is going on and on.. she must have a few "Seriously?!" moments of her own (kinda like "Seriously?! mommy you are typing on that thing again and not giving me a turn?!")

8. Seriously?! Payton is 8 weeks old today! Where has the time gone?? Which means...

9. Seriously?! I have to go back to work in 2 weeks?? :(

10. And lastly... seriously?! We got the cutest hats in the mail the other day for Payton and I. I can not wait to wear them and do a mini photo shoot with our football attire on...

Payton just finished eating, so it is time to play for a little bit and then maybe, just maybe I will get those pictures ready. Everyone cross your fingers Payton will allow it!

Oh... I forgot one more thing... but it will be a video post in the next couple days...

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  1. i love your seriously this week. And i absolutely love your header, it is so cute... hope you can check out my blog and follow me back too..

    Have a lovely weekend, Much loves, Sacha xxx

  2. I think this is a good idea! Might use it sometime. :)

  3. Love the new header! My seriously moment for this entire week has been "seriously my obnoxious co-worker is singing along (very loudly) with the radio again?!" Ugh... it's been a long week. Hope the rest of yours is good. :)

    PS those hats are too cute!

  4. Thanks! I think the header and button are my favorite part! LOL to your coworker... maybe it's time to pull the radio plug haha hopefully you will have a good weekend to make up for your long week

  5. I love this! AND I LOVE THE HATS! Those are so so SO cute! I want one! lol.

    Thank you for adding my button! :) Were you able to figure it out? It looks good to me! :) Once I get to displaying buttons on my page (hopefully soon!) I will make sure to return the favor.

    Have a great day! (And enjoy these coming 2 weeks!)

  6. Aren't the hats the cutest?! I was only ordering one for Payton but had to get myself one for photos and because it was so cute. And apparently I did get the button to work I just didn't know it LOL

  7. Yay, great! If only I had an adorable little girl to do a photo shoot with. My husband would probably look at me funny if I got one of these just for myself... he's strange that way, lol. Oh well, here's to hoping that one day I'll have a little lady as cute as your Payton! :)

  8. hmm yea good point I bet Tim would think I've lost it if I got it just for me LOL someday you will need the hat to match your own little one!

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  10. Hi Gina! :) Stopping by to say Hi and to follow your lovely blog via lots of lovin hop! Hope you can visit me soon..


  11. LOVE those hats!! Stopping by and following you now from the weekend blog hop! Can't wait to read more!

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  13. The desk thing happens every year in my classroom. It totally deserves a "seriously!?".

    New follower from Lots of Lovin' Blog Hop.


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