The Princess and the Pooch

One of the big questions people have been asking me is "how does Roscoe like her?" And that is a complicated long answer. At first, Roscoe really didn't know what to think about her. He sniffed her a little bit and didn't really care for her. Once he realized she was getting attention he got a little jealous.
a couple days after coming home from the hospital with Payton
We made sure to continue playing with him and giving him attention and he still sleeps in our bed at night. The jealousy phase only lasted a short while. He began investigating her and anytime she moved, he got scared. It seemed like he didn't realize that she was a human and could move like us. I guess because she is so small that when she moved he was surprised and jumped back.

investigating her (she wasn't crying she was yawning I think)
They are friends...
I wouldn't say they are the best of friends yet... but they are getting there. He gave her kisses for the first time yesterday (no camera at the time). And anytime she cries he comes to us to tell us to go make it better. Even when he wasn't sure about if he liked her, he would always get a little worried if she cried. And if we didn't get to her fast enough (this happened once that I can remember) he would run to her, then us, then back to her until we got there. So as much as he puts on a tough dog act... I think he really loves her.

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  1. Dana from Hancockheir: glad to see that they are getting along! I was worried about how our dog would handle Aydan - and it's pretty much the same story - stand-offish at first and now where Aydan is...there is is Tango :)

  2. I'm sure he can't wait until she starts eating solid foods! :) More dinner for Roscoe!

  3. McKinley acted very similar. Must be a shih zhu thing lol

  4. Our Roscoe was the exact same as you know. Now Rory is going to be 6 months (yeah I know crazy!) and he loves her to death. He will love all the attention and extra foods soon :)

  5. Rachel how is McKinley now?

    Ashley that is crazy that Rory is going to be 6mos! I remember waiting for you to post that she was born!!


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