Payton's first Road Trip

Payton is two months old today. And I do have the post ready. It is just missing one important detail... her 2 month pictures. She decided to sleep through the time I planned to do them. We will try again tomorrow since now I am working on other things on the to do list and she is going to need to eat soon (which = fussy photoshoot and yuck pics). So instead of showing you her 2 month post just yet, I will fill you in on her first road trip.

Sunday we made the 4 hour drive to visit Tim's mom. She hadn't met Payton yet and she and her husband were having a hard time trying to get off work at the same time. So we made our way there since I am still on leave. Payton was fantastic on the way there! Since she eats every 4 hours we knew we could make almost the entire drive without stopping if we timed it right. Well as anyone with a baby knows, we didn't time it right. It took longer to pack up and drop of Roscoe to my parents than we expected. It wasn't a big deal though. We stopped about an hour away to feed her and were back on our way.

All ready to go!

When we got there, we went to a park that has a walking trail and water falls (I forget the name of it). We were going to use the stroller but the path was mostly all gravel/bumpy. We decided to skip it and just put her in the carrier. She loves the carrier because she can look around and see everything. And this was really the first time she was out (other than a walk around our block) longer than 5 minutes. Thank you Mother Nature for not making it a million degrees this weekend so Payton could enjoy you!

By the time we made it to the waterfall to take pictures, this is what we had on our hands. 
Once we got to the waterfall and took Payton out of her carrier she woke up. We took a few photos...

Looking at the waterfall
Stupid sun 

Elvis lip
With grandma

We then went to dinner, where the waitress spilled honey mustard in Payton's carseat. No, Payton wasn't in it at the time, but I am still mad about it! The next morning was a big first for Payton...

It was her first time swimming! We got her all dressed in her bathing suit and put sunscreen on

and headed to the pool. Payton loves her baths so I was hoping she would love swimming just as much. And she sure did!!

The only reason we got out is because she was tired and fighting her sleep. She wasn't crying but I could tell she was tired. And as soon as we got her wrapped in her towel...

This is what spending a day 20 minutes in the pool will do to ya!

After Payton's nap, we fed her and had to head back home. We took a few scenic pictures before coming back.

On the drive home, we had to stop twice because Payton just was sick of the car seat. But other than that, the trip was perfect. When we make our trip to Buffalo we need to do it overnight so she sleeps through most of it. It was a nice little getaway and test run to see how Payton would do in the car. She was pretty happy the whole time we were there and still slept all night. I was really worried being away from home would mess up her sleeping but it really didn't. She woke up an hour earlier than usual but got right back on schedule by this morning. (Except the whole sleeping through my planned photo time... )

Come back to see videos of Payton from last week and hopefully, her two month post!

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  1. Ahhh! I always say it but she's too stinking cute! Happy 2 months!

  2. She truly is adorable. I mean it.

    And I've heard overnight trips are the way to do it when it comes to longer car rides.

    We plan on going to Virginia beach next summer and even if our Nugget will be 10 months old, I think a night trip is in the works.

  3. haha thanks girls!!! Shannon I def agree...the longer the trip, the more I want to be while she is sleeping. I just fear how she will feel cooped in that dumb seat 14 hours!

  4. It looks like you guys had so much fun! There was no way we would have ever braved a 4 hour road trip with Ellie that young, so kudos to you that you did it!! :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  5. haha Kyna..she had to meet grandma so we went for it. it was A LOT better than I expected

  6. At least this was a good trial run for the big trip! The Elvis lip picture is my favorite! And not b/c of the Elvis lip either..haha. I think it's a super cute pic of the two of you. I also LOVE the one of her and Tim on the mountain (Hill?). Aubrey says that Payton needs to talk us into taking her into the big pool. For now we've let her swim around in the big bath tub (she loves it), but not the pool yet.

  7. haha thanks I like the elvis lip picture too it makes me laugh. Payton said she will be willing to convince you guys. She will come over and show you that she is doing just fine after the big pool experience. No injuries to speak of. She loved it. Really I bet Aubrey will too as long as it is warm enough!

  8. Hi! I'm your newest GFC follower from the Give a Hoot Hop :) Love your blog and your daughter is adorable! I'm looking forward to reading more!

  9. Payton is precious! Thats great she liked being in the pool. My daughter hates water unless it's room temp, lol! Following you via GFC from the Give a Hoot hop.

  10. Thanks girls! That pool was actually really warm (it ought to be- it has been sickingly hot here the past month) but I think she would have liked it even if it were cold. We let her "play" (as in kick her feet and splash her face) in her bath until the water gets cold but even when it starts to cool down, she doesn't wnat to get out!

  11. hi :) i'm a new gfc follower. thank you for co hosting the hop!
    your daughter is absolutely precious.
    wishing you a happy wednesday <3

  12. Looks like a fun trip! She is absolutely adorable. =)


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