I always find it interesting to see what people search for that leads them to this cute little blog. I have seen cute things like "how to paint handprints on a wall" and "itty bitty handprints". I have also seen "handprints on the wall cheating"... apparently someone found handprints on their wall and was wondering if their significant other was cheating? I am not sure how google would help that person decide, but I guess we all go to google for some random things. Today, this was one of the searches that led someone to this blog...

I have to wonder how many pages of google search results this person went through to get to this blog where I just casually mentioned (in the one month mortifier post) that babies are weighed naked. Then I have to wonder why in the world does this person even care! Just be darn appreciative you are getting help from the US and getting wic... but that is a whole nother debate that we just don't need to get into here.

In other news, we got a new iMac tonight. My little macbook was going to run out of space sooner rather than later with all the pictures that I take of Payton. So the solution was a new computer with more space that will also be a way to get me to do work without being on the couch. I know it sounds crazy but I swear I work better when I am sitting at the desk (yes I could have just put my laptop on the desk... but it is called a LAPtop for a reason, right? So what if I am just trying to give good reasons for this purchase...

I decided this week that I am going to change a few things that I post. I used to do Wordless Wednesdays but I may switch that to alternate with What I'm Loving Wednesdays (I tried doing this link up before on someone's blog and never managed to figure it out... this was a looong time ago... I think I have it figured out now... we will see Wednesday), Truth Be Told Thursdays (sometimes I may need to vent or just get something out there... this is my blog after all, you can choose to read it or not on those days. The posts will most likely be things about me anyways, and probably not every week-just the weeks I have something on my mind), and in order to try to focus on my weight loss goals, I think maybe "Slim Down Sundays" I will do another link up that Amy has mentioned, called Bye Bye Baby Weight (this seems to be on Mondays). Now let's all hope I remember all of this (especially since I keep changing my mind!) Of course there will still be the random posts and monthly updates but at least this will give me something to plan on.

We still haven't taken Payton's 1.5 month pictures and we really need to. Otherwise her two month pictures won't show any difference. There really is only one main picture we HAVE to take because I plan to take the exact same picture each month to compare her growth. We took it when she was newborn and I thought it was a cute little picture to compare each month. You will have to wait and see though...

This weekend is going to be rough. I have to get a ton done for next week so that my sub doesn't have to do much other than follow my plans. I was planning on going in each morning after Monday but I am thinking maybe I won't. I'm not too sure yet. I know who my sub is and I trust her so I think I may be ok. And if not, such is life.

Coming up in our not so busy but feels very busy lives...

first day of school
Payton's 2 month doctor appt and shots :(
My return to work ... double :(
Celebrating Amy's birthday :)
Payton's daycare orientation (I personally think it is so cute that she has a "school supply list")- she is only going to a Mother's Day out twice a week.
Possibly a Labor Day trip to SC
Payton's first day of "school" (I am probably taking a half day that day to drop her off with Tim)

It doesn't seem like that much is going on but I swear before I know it, it will be the end of September. And somewhere in there, we need to get Payton and Aubrey together now that Payton stays awake much longer. We need a double photoshoot with them!

Since I wrote all this waiting on hold with Microsoft and getting nowhere but a "call this number tomorrow"... I am going to go to bed so I can hopefully get some stuff done tomorrow. My mom and I are supposed to be going shopping (I sadly need new clothes) and getting our nails done. And after that I need to get ready for school to start. Sunday we have to clean this house like crazy.

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  1. Yay for the new "tax free" computer. You should do the Bye Bye Baby Weight Link Up with me! Then maybe we will hold each other accountable lol! The girls REALLY are overdue for their big photoshoot together. Don't forget to let me know if she is coming to the DW Sunday, then I'll be sure to bring Aubrey to see visit!

  2. I also got a free $100 gift card to best buy, and a nice all in one printer for $60 (like we needed a new printer... but for $60 I figured why not...retail therapy after today I am sure)

    I am going to look at your blog now and see if I can figure out this BBBW thing... is it on certain days? I read your post on it before but was too tired to read the linkups details LOL

  3. I'm pretty sure the link up is on Mondays. I told Jason is was tax free--now he thinks we need a new computer! I had to set him straight on that one hahaha!

  4. Let me push for Jason... if you get it from best buy (if you get a mac anyways) you get a 100$ free best buy gift card just mention the apple educator promotion and show ur school id... and if you have a best buy card you can get it interest free for 24 months (on any computer). It will ring up as 18mos and they will have to have u fill out a form to change it to 24 months... just sayin.


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