How to get work done with an infant...

As a teacher, I have to do some work at home. No matter how hard I try, there is no way for me to do everything at work. Some teachers can. I just can't. Being that it is the beginning of the year and I am not there, I still am doing lessons for my sub from home. And for a while I was stumped at what was going to entertain Payton long enough for me to get anything productive done. And so I give you "how to get work done with an infant..."

Method 1: Let her lay on the futon in the office (facing the blinds of course) where she inevitably will fall asleep because it is her nap time. Note- if it is not nap time, this may not last long and you may need to try my second method...

When she wakes up to eat, feed her and play with her for a little bit. When she is bored with you and you need to get work done, go on to method two...

Method 2: Put her in her bouncy seat, facing the blinds, while playing music from Pandora. (I sure hope your children like the blinds as much as Payton, or this just may not work for you.)

Sometimes these methods won't work. If this happens it is time to suck it up and realize you are not getting any work done now. Get your camera, put the baby on the floor on her play mat, and start snapping pictures of her playing.

And maybe even catch her making some funny faces...

You could also try a mini photo shoot....

Oh, you want to see those pictures? Sorry! They aren't ready for viewing yet. But there are pics to be seen... and I swear some are even cuter than these ones. We even had a mini mommy and me photo shoot (before I went to work, while Payton was still in her pajamas/sleep sack- but they are still cute).
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  1. I usually turn on our ceiling fan & lay the baby on his back. He'll watch that thing turn for hours! New follower from the hop, hope you'll stop by:

  2. These are so cute...and her with that tongue...she is forever sticking her tongue out...LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Aww, this is so cute! I love the pictures. (I only wish Logan had been so attracted to the blinds!)

  4. Andrea- Payton watches the fan even if it isn't moving, but if she isn't tired she isn't thrilled with being on her back. Going to your blog now!

    I know with her tongue! At least one picture every time I have the camera out we get her tongue!

    Thanks Stephanie! I am not sure how she even discovered the blinds. I came home one day and TIm showed me her fascination haha whatever works!

  5. I'm dying to see these pictures you keep teasing us with! ha ha!
    ♥ Kyna

  6. haha i swear i keep trying and every time i sit down to do it payton decides no way!! im going to get them up i swear lol

  7. Very sweet! I remember those days! How can you work when that beautiful face is looking at you!

    New to following you from MBC!

  8. it's not easy... which is why i get nothing done lol it takes me 5x longer to do anything now but it's ok. she is worth it

  9. First, your baby is adorable and congratulations! Second, I am also a teacher and it is not easy planning with kids around, I hear ya! Mine are older but they were babies and toddlers once. ;) Enjoy her and good luck with the teacher prep. i found you through Thoughtful Thursday!

  10. thanks! its hard to get work done when i would rather play with her lol


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