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Anyone that knows me knows that I love to read. In fact, I wish someone would pay me to read. It would be the perfect career for me (too bad I didn't think of this precollege so that I could have gone to school for something related to book editing.... but I digress).

While I was pregnant I was looking up one of the baby books that we bought and the site gave me "recommended for you" lists. One of the books that was on the list was

I put it in the back of my mind after reading some reviews and info on it and decided I would order it "someday". We ended up at Borders when they were closing and they had one copy of this book left and it was discounted due to the store closing. I decided to pick it up just in case I decided I wanted to read it. I finally got around to reading it about 3 weeks ago and I swear it is a lifesaver. 

The book dissects what the causes of colic could be (and more so, what they AREN'T) and gives reasons behind each and every outcome. (No Payton is not colic. and your baby doesn't need to be colic in order to appreciate this book... trust me.) It then explains ways to calm your crying baby in an instant. I know we all want to think we are super mom (or dad) and don't need someone to tell us how to calm our baby... but I will admit- we are not super mom or dad in this house and sometimes Payton cried for no reason (and I bet your baby does too). We checked the normal- hungry-no, wet diaper-no, uncomfortable-no... it was just an uncontrollable cry. After reading this book (and I mean the first 20 pages or so gave me a good enough start, but I did finish the book) I completely understood why she was having minor meltdowns and yes, we can calm our crying baby in under a minute! The book explains the missing 4th trimester and how some babies are ready for this big world and some just aren't. Payton is one of the babies who wasn't ready to be out of the comfort of mommy's belly. 

After reading the basics of the 5 S's (in the first 20 pages or so) I tested them out with success after a couple minutes. After finishing the book I can honestly say I feel like a pro at them (and maybe by the author's standards I am no pro, but in our home I am) and can get Payton calm in under a minute. And yes, Payton is sleeping longer at night too... this probably has more to do with her weight/age than me finishing this book... but it is happening and I couldn't be more thrilled. I highly recommend this book to any expecting or new mom. It was a quick and easy read... and it works!

This author also wrote "Happiest Toddler on the Block" and I am sure I will be getting that one as well. 

Please note, I was not compensated in any way to write this review. This book purchase was my own decision and these opinions are all my own.

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  1. I am not a huge supporter of people reading books when it comes to pregnancy and babies and such because they tend to freak new parents out if their baby isn't doing exactly what the book says exactly when the book says to do it...That being said...I am so glad you read this book because you are 100% right - I have witnessed it for myself...you can and do calm her down in less than a minute providing it is not one of the "normal" cries...And oh yea...you may not be the perfect mommy and daddy but you are both amazing parents...you will make mistakes but that's ok...that is how you learn...you guys are doing a great job!!! And Princess Payton is a very happy baby because of both of you!!!


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