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I was given this award by two three lovely people... AmySarah, and ErikaRose. Be sure to check out their blogs. You may have already checked out Amy's since I link to her quite often... her daughter is just 2 months older than Payton and they are destined to be bffs. I recently found Sarah and Erika's blogs and am enjoying reading them. Thank you girls!

The rules after accepting this award are:

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Pass this award on to 15 recently discovered blogs--- Ok I haven't recently discovered 15... so I am listing 13 recently discovered and then the 3 very first blogs I ever discovered. Some of you may have gotten this award already!

13 recently discovered blogs 

and the 3 blogs I started following from the beginning...

Ok let's see... 7 things about me...

1. I know I have posted this a million times before, but I truly don't know where I would be without Tim.  I can really be a train wreck sometimes and he can always make things better somehow. I really think I am the luckiest girl to have him because there aren't many guys in the world that are as good as he is. I don't have many friends that can honestly say all of the things I say about Tim and how much he does for me. I can't thank him enough for not being a bump on a log husband and actually taking part in taking care of our house and family. He knows when I am in a bad mood and does anything and everything to try and make things better for me and less stressful. 

2. I know I have said this a ton too but I am one of "those" Disney freaks. Give me the choice of Disney or any other location and I will almost always choose Disney. In my perfect world, we could go to Disney AND another location every other year... and just Disney on the off years. Then I would never have to choose between Disney or another location. And everyone thinks Disney is unaffordable. Any time we price out a vacation anywhere, my first thought is "geez, we could go to Disney for more days for that money!" Payton's first Disney trip will be right before her 3rd birthday and hopefully she will be in Disney for that big birthday! I can not wait to take her and have already started dreaming up the plans.

3. With that said, there are a TON of places I would love to visit. Let me list them for you and tell you why (some have reasons, some just because)... Jamaica- this was going to be our honeymoon but we changed to 2 weeks in Disney and honestly I don't regret it for a second. Those were the best 2 weeks ever and I only wish we could do that again. NYC- I have been here, but not with Tim and I just love NYC. Washington DC- I haven't been here since I was younger- this was going to be my college graduation trip, but again, we changed our minds and went to Disney (see what I mean- always go for Disney). Chicago, LA, Vegas- all just because I want to go. Many many countries- Italy, Germany, France, England, etc etc. I know there are many many more places I would like to visit... but you get the idea.

4. I positively hate winters in Buffalo. Without a doubt it is my least favorite weather. It is painfully cold, the snow dumps on you like crazy, and black ice is my worst nightmare. That said- I miss Buffalo (who woulda thought) and if jobs were plentiful up there, I might consider going back in the somewhat distant future. But they aren't. We will be taking Payton to experience a Buffalo winter this year. 

5. It is really weird to me that when people ask Payton where she is from, her answer will NOT be Buffalo NY. It is also hard for me to answer this question. Because I know most times people don't literally mean where are you from, but more they mean where are you living. I always answer this with "I am from Buffalo NY, but now I live in...". 

6. I used to be way too nice. So nice that I got walked all over too many times by too many people. It got to the point that someone had to practically knock some sense into me so that I would realize I didn't deserve to be walked all over. This has turned me into, what people think, is a witch (with a capital B). I really am not. There are a lot of things that add up to make people believe this. First of all, I am shy. Beyond belief shy. So I won't talk much until I really get to know someone. Second, like I said, I don't take nonsense from people anymore. You have no one if you don't have yourself. Third, I am Italian.. I think we are automatically categorized with an attitude (yes I have one, I don't deny it, but it does not make me a witch... circumstances and people do). But really, once people get to know me, they don't think this way. People know I can be a witch if the need arrises. I have even had some of my closest friends tell me "ya know, I thought you were a witch, but you really aren't."

7. I have trust issues. Serious trust issues. Yes I trust my husband without a doubt. However it took a long time. I try to see the good in people and believe things that I am told. However, I know that I can never just accept things. I question anything that doesn't seem to add up. Trust issues extend to everyone. There are people that I have known many years that I still doubt some things they say or do. This stems from number 6 and a lot of jerks that I had to date before I got to Tim. Poor Tim was really in for it when he got me. I warned him though and he stuck it out. I wish I could just trust people but I can't. Because people have lied to me about the dumbest things! Things that don't constitute a lie. Things that don't even matter. Nonsense basically. 

So there you have it...7 things about me that you may or may not have known! 
Thanks again for the award ladies! 
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  1. Yay! I'd award you back, but you already received it three times! Thanks and have a good weekend. :) XOXO

  2. Payton is such a beautiful baby. I miss that age but we are at such a fun one right now. MBC member

  3. Dana: HancockHeir: Thanks Girl!

  4. Thank you, thank you for the award! And I totally get you on #5. I'm a Carolina girl who's been transplanted to CO and can't believe I won't have "southern" children. So sad..

  5. Hi Gina!

    Thanks so much for mentioning me. It makes me so happy when people say something nice or mentiong my lil old blog :)

    Your #6 an 7 make me think that we're cut from the same cloth. I haven't quite mastered not being walked over, but I hope to someday soon! :) lol

    By the way, I looked at your latest post before this - baby Payton really is a stunner! :) Her pictures make me want a lil girl. :)

  6. aww thanks Stephanie! her pictures make me wish time would slow down- she is so big already!! It took me a long time to not be walked all over and even still sometimes I am because I am so shy that sometimes I don't speak up. It's a vicious cycle lol

    Andrea I am still confused when people ask me where I am from and the first time someone asks Payton, I might just choke from shock when she answers lol

    Thanks Irene! I am following you now!

  7. Thank you soooo much! I'm sorry for not getting around to this sooner but I am going to get working on it! Thanks again :)


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