Beautiful sounds

Have you ever listened to your baby sleep? (Or am I just crazy?) When Payton first came home from the hospital, and probably for her first two weeks home, when it was time to put her to bed we also went to bed. She was (and still is) sleeping in our room so it was just easy to go in there so if she woke up we were right there. Eventually we started putting her to bed on her own and staying in the living room or doing other tasks around the house (dishes, cleaning, laundry....all that boring stuff that I had no desire to do when Payton was awake). Now that she goes to bed at around 8:30 we definitely just put her to bed and stay out of the room (well sometimes Tim is in there playing PS3... more so now that I am doing work every night when she goes to bed). By the time we go to bed she is completely asleep (and yes I check on her still... I am paranoid, what can I say) and just as adorable as can be. She gets swaddled in her sleep sack at night still and just looks like a little Payton burrito. But on top of how cute she looks.... she sounds cute too. She sometimes snores, and yes I think it is cute. Sometimes she sleeps with her mouth open. Sometimes she just breathes so heavy like she just ran a marathon (and maybe she did in her dreams). Then there are times she sounds like Donald Duck. Or she will coo in her sleep. I love to just lay there and listen to her. Sometimes we will be falling asleep and hear some random noise from her bed and just have to laugh. (And sometimes we aren't sure if the random noises come from her mouth or if she has gas...either way, she is cute.) I forgot all the noises she makes when we started putting her to bed by herself. So now when we go in there I am sure to listen for her cuteness.

And now that she is starting to jabber (just a little) when she wakes up in the morning, we feed her, and she goes back in her bed. Sometimes she falls right back to sleep but sometimes she wants to talk to her friends (the animals that hang above her bed). She doesn't have a consistent conversation yet. She just gets random noises out here and there, but her mouth goes a mile a minute trying to get noises out. Sometimes she gets mad and yells at them. She does this when she wakes up too and I just think it is adorable that she is making friends (stuffed friends count right?)

And just now, as I take a break from school work to type this, Payton is in her bouncy seat, facing the blinds just chatting away. I should have gotten the video camera but I knew as soon as I got up she would stop. She was talking to the blinds like she had a serious story to tell her long lost friend... but then I think they hurt her feelings because she yelled. And now she is contemplating a nap... and since she is going to do that, I guess this post was long enough procrastination and it is time to finish getting things ready for work...

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  1. I just want to say I LOVE that she is friends with the blinds! I love listening to Aubrey sleep..and we sure here all kinds of noises coming from her too lol! She has her own little party in that pack and play awake or asleep!

  2. Amy wait until you actually see her in person being friends with the blinds LOL

  3. Dana: HancockHeir): I STILL check on Aydan everynight before I turn in for bed....and he's 11 months. It's not that i'm scared - I just like to peek in on him.....

    Aydan used to grunt when he was little - it was cute for about 2 days and then it started messing with my sleep....and not so cute anymore.

  4. haha I guess it is not so cute when it is disrupting sleep. Payton must not do it while we sleep because the slightest noise from her and I jump up. The only noise I hear from her is the hungry noise haha


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