Success comes in all sizes...

In my last post I mentioned that Payton loves to lay on my chest and turn her head all around but when we put her on the floor on her tummy time mat she just thinks it is nap time. Yesterday my mom and I decided to give it another whirl just to see what she would do. At first she again thought it was just for relaxing..

So we tried to prop her on the pillow. This meant nothing to her...

Eventually she decided to turn her head over while propped on the pillow.

So, we put her back on the mat without the pillow. Roscoe decided to join her.

And after a few failed attempts, she finally lifted and turned her head over! I took over 20 pictures in succession during it until it finally dawned on us to get the video camera. So instead of posting all of the pictures, I will let you see her cute video! Once she did it once she kept going! We thought it was a pretty big deal... (maybe it isn't a big deal to everyone, but it was to me... especially considering last time we put her on there she just laid there wondering what in the world we expected of her)

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  1. Yay Payton!!! Aubrey and I are so proud of you!!

  2. Oh I LOVE one of those first pictures where you can see Roscoe standing and watching her in the background! Too sweet! He is such a good big brother.

  3. Payton says thank you!! Some people might not think it is a big deal but we did lol.. Roscoe tries so hard but she scares him when she actually moves haha I don't think he realizes that she is a person too

  4. I'm hoping she continues to like it


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