Splish, Splash, she was takin' a bath...

Payton finally got her first big girl bath... big girl in the sense that it wasn't a sponge bath. She has been very clingy the past two days, I believe, compliments of her shot. Since she didn't have any desire to sleep yesterday we decided to give her a bath around 5:30 to see if it would calm her down. I figured she was already mad, it couldn't get any worse. So we got everything ready (yes I documented all of this...)

and then got Payton ready. Usually she hates getting naked but she didn't seem too concerned today.

And got her in the tub and let her get a feel for it. She was really content. And that little animal cloth that is covering her was a gift at our shower- best thing ever! It kept her nice and warm (and covered her little business- because that is no one else's business to see!)

"Alright this bath stuff isn't so bad!"

Scrub a dub dub

Roscoe came in for a brief moment to see what we were doing to her...

But for the most part he spent his time out in the hallway... his thoughts here... "No way am I going in there, I might be next"

 Washing her hair (because she has some!- can you tell I am still in shock that this baby has as much hair as she does?!)

"This is the life"

Trying to eat her warm cloth.

"Why'd you stop??"

All done! Bathing cutie!

Roscoe making sure everything is ok

"Roscoe, it wasn't so bad!"

Overall it was a great bath for her. Until it was time to get dressed... this picture above was the last happy time of the bath process. She was really upset that we took her out and were making her get out of her nice warm towel and get dressed. But after that she ate and fell asleep. For the first time all day! I can't wait to give her another bath!
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  1. so cute! Logan gets clingy after getting shots too. Last month after his 4 month shots, he was his typical whiny and clingy self and then I think he had a growth spurt because he woke up in the middle of the night to eat which is unusual- and ever since he has changed his sleeping and waking patterns. We are slowing getting back into a rhythm!

  2. Anonymous04 July, 2011

    (Dana - Hancockheir)I was so happy when we could give aydan a big biy bath and get out of the sink/sponge bath.
    oh....and you're supposed to be documenting everything (I do anyway) :)....that's the fun part!

  3. Oh I am not looking forward to the days when she gets more than one shot at a time Rachel. This one had her clingy for 2 days after it! Hopefully he goes back to his normal patterns!
    Dana I was thrilled for the big bath haha.. and I definitely over-take pictures. I get the camera and next thing you know I have taken 50+ pictures of the same thing!


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