returning soon...

I know I know our blogging skills are truly lacking... but we have good reasons...

I have been busy trying to prepare for the school year (and the anxiety of having a sub in my class for 3 weeks makes me do things in even more detail than I usually would).
I have been spending lots of time with Payton since she stays awake a little more these days.
We have been doing some shopping...
And my brother and niece were in town for this past weekend (which is when I would usually load up on posts)

Tomorrow I am going to set up my classroom (AGAIN...don't ask). Tuesday I will be locking myself away to finish planning. Friday I will be bringing Payton to my work to meet some teachers who missed out on her Forest debut. Then next Monday (even though I am on leave..) I will be spending the day in my classroom meeting my students and trying to cram as much of my procedures into them as I possibly can. And I plan to go in an hour or so each morning that week to keep reinforcing those... yep I have lost it and am not ready to give up complete control of my classroom. I accept it.

But I swear once I get this all taken care of and all my lessons done, I will be back to posting. We are doing some 1.5 month photos with Payton (because we have been that busy that her 2nd 1month photo shoot has yet to happen) and those will be up soon enough.

Forgive us for this lapse in posting...

And a BIG Congratulations to Jil and Brian on the birth of their little boy Brycen!!! (

We are sorry this is late!) Your gifts will be on their way soon (we just have to make 2 things for you so we can ship it all at once... and your thank you card from us has been sitting here for a couple weeks waiting to be mailed too... it says your gifts will be on the way soon... so when you get the card, inevitably in the box with the gifts, forgive us... we are just not on the ball these days!!)
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  1. I thought my dashboard was still messed up, and I have been having to come directly to your blog thinking I was missing posts! LOL I saw this one, so its working haha! Aubrey and I are looking forward to more Payton pictures!

  2. LOL sorry we have just been out of sorts lately! I am sure you understand. I promise we will get it together this week though... assuming I can clean up that disaster I call my classroom...


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