Month 1 Mommy Must haves...

Now that Payton has been around for a month, I decided I would do a post about the things that we probably couldn't make it without...

1. This beautiful swing...

Payton just loves to lounge in it and she is now starting to look at and enjoy the mobile!! (Video to come!) A lot of times she will hang out and look around until she is just too tired to stay awake anymore.

2. Her bouncy seat...

First of all, it bounces on its own. So I can take her to any place in the house and she just bounces away while I get things done. She has come with me to brush my teeth and get ready, in the bedroom to straighten up, and in the kitchen to do dishes. We altered it a little by hanging one of her carseat toys to it (the black and white one) because it rattles and was longer. She enjoys it (you have seen the video already).

3. Her sound machine...

My parents got this for us and it has been wonderful. It has 3 sounds and 3 or 4 lullaby songs. She usually listens to the ocean or the rain and relaxes and goes to sleep. It has a timer on it which is perfect. It also has a projector with 3 different projections. We haven't used that feature yet.

4. The chicco carrier...

I tried multiple different carriers before finding this one. I tried an infantino breathe that we had registered for but I am not sure what the makers of that thing were thinking. It was such a chore to figure out how to get it on the first time that we gave up. I tried a moby but I didn't like it and didn't trust it. I know people swear by them but no matter how tight I tied it, it still felt loose. When Ash was here we went to BRU on a mission to find one I liked. I tried a different infantino which was easier to get on, but I didn't trust it. There was another one we looked at that I didn't like. Finally we tried this one (took it out of the packaging and walked around with her in it) and as soon as I got Payton in I knew we were buying it. She got nice and cozy, rested her head, and went to sleep. We use this when we go on errands that don't require the travel system or to places that don't have carts (or their carts are too small). People have reviewed it and have a hard time getting the baby in and out (which admittedly I did too at first) but I figured out if I loosen the straps around her legs just a tiny bit she gets in and out a lot easier. It doesn't hurt my back at all. We even took a walk with her in it (which gave me more of a work out!)

5. Sorcerer Radio (and other Live365 stations)...

When I was pregnant I listened to live365 everyday and listened to the Disney park stations. Now Payton listens to sorcerer radio (on our phones) at night from 8-9. We listen to Illuminations, Spectromagic, Wishes, and Fantasmic. It gets us so excited for her first disney trip (in 3 years...). It actually calms her down at times too. If we are hanging out during the day and want to listen to music I go to live365 and listen to park music with her. We dance to it and sing what we can.

6. Halo sleep sack swaddler...

Payton practically needs to be swaddled to sleep. At least for her first round of sleep anyways. We were using blankets until she was a little bigger to fit into these. These are so much quicker and easier than using blankets. And you can see in this picture how peacefully she sleeps. Granted, she will bust her hands out eventually in the night but that is ok.

I am sure there may be other things that we find are must haves but right now, these are the big ones. I am off to edit some sad excuse for one month baby pictures and try to get them ready to post... among other posts I want to get set up. We will see how much Payton lets me get done...

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  1. I can't believe a month has passed already! She is so adorable. Rory listens to Disney music as well. A lot of Beauty and the Beast, I love it.

  2. Gotta love posts like these. I take the tips as I get them. :)

  3. Thanks Ashley! I can't believe it has been a month either!!

  4. I'm so glad you posted this! I never even thought about a sound machine but that is going on my baby registry list for sure! Thanks!

  5. That sound machine is amazing! There is the sleep sheep too I think those are maybe $30? I don't remember.

  6. I don't know why I'm not seeing your post updates in my dashboard!! Ugh! Those sound machines are the best thing ever! I will probably have to get one for our room once Aubrey moves to her crib.

  7. I love posts like this and I love that you included pictures of your actual must haves :-)


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