Just call her Mary Poppins...

I, of course, may be biased- however I would have to say Payton is just like Mary Poppins... practically perfect in every way! In fact, I can say this because her Dr's office called today and told us all of her newborn screenings came back perfect. So there! Our little girl is perfect... and completely ready for her induction into the National Honor's Society (set high expectations right?). This little girl has some seriously strong neck, arm, and leg muscles. She has since she was born. She is constantly lifting her head to look around (not that she can see much). We have done tummy time with her laying on me and she is really good at it. Put her on the floor or the bed and she thinks it is comfy time instead of tummy time. Soon though she will get it. Her arms and legs are out of control strong, and I imagine that has to do with all her flailing about that she does. Not having a fit, she just loves to move around. (Future athlete too...) In fact, we have found that she sleeps GREAT when we swaddle her nice and tight (we learned a nice way to swaddle in the hospital- not the standard way) but she loves to get her arms out. Usually the first swaddle of the night lasts until she wakes up to eat and after that we have to either change her or fix her blankets and by then she has decided to fight to get her arms out. Once she is done grunting to get her arms out she will rest and sleep, but no where near as long as the first stretch. We have the halo sleep sacks that swaddle but they are too big for her right now. Maybe we will try again now that she has gained a pound! Yes, that's right. Our little girl has already gained a pound. And a quarter of an inch in height. She is right in the middle for her height and weight. (again-perfect!)

Payton had her two week appointment yesterday and got her first shot. The shot was worse for me than it was for her. She let out a scream and then calmed in 5 seconds. I, on the other hand, cried. I hate when she lets out a big scream like that. And that was only one shot. I have no idea what I am going to do when she has to get more than one in the appointment. I am not sure if I mentioned it yet, but her little umbilical cord stump fell off earlier this week, but it seemed that part of it was still in there. The other day when I looked it was gone but there was just a little dried up blood inside. The Dr. put silver nitrate in there to dry it up and said we can give her her first real bath in two days! That will be tomorrow! (Definitely will take pictures and post... she will hopefully not probably hate it...) Oh and we also got 4 movie tickets from the Dr. They had a contest last week to submit a picture from Father's Day and we submitted Tim and Payton's picture and they won! Thank you All Better Pediatrics! And thank you Payton and Tim for being so cute and winning! My mom couldn't be more thrilled... it means she gets to keep Payton and Roscoe two more times when we go out to the movies. We are saving one set for right before I go back to work (because going back to work is going to be devastating for more reasons than one could even imagine). And the winning picture you ask?

Come on- that has to be the cutest picture ever- how can you compare?! (Really I thought they wouldn't win only because Payton isn't movie going age yet and I thought for sure a family with older kids would win.)

I have taken a few crappy cell phone pictures (seriously can not wait until we upgrade...) that everyone needs to see.

First we have little Miss Independent. She is constantly trying to grab onto her bottle. No the bottle is not propped on anything and no I am not holding it in any way. She grabbed the bottle herself so I decided to let go and see what happened. She held it long enough for Tim to get his phone out, open the camera (which is slow on our old iphones) and snap these two pictures. My father swore I was trying to trick him but I promise you, she is holding this herself. Now granted she can't do it all the time and on demand, but she can if she wants to.

Here she is in her perfect swaddle. Peaceful.

And this is the wall in the room we have been in at her doctor's office. I love their cute little murals and will take a pic (or try to remember to) any time we are in a different room. This is the only one we have been in.

Some other things we have been up to include dancing. I prop her up on my legs, put some music on, and we rock out to whatever music I can put on. We did this during The Voice the other night and she had a good time. I tried to do it this morning to keep her awake for a little bit but the end result is that she is too tired and fell asleep. The reason she is so tired is not because she was up all night. In fact, she slept great last night. The reason is because she went from laying vertical in her bed to horizontal. We heard her making all kinds of noise this morning when she woke up and we just assumed it was her poop grunt (yes, our daughter grunts often when she poops)... when Tim got up to check on her she was no longer the way she had been laid down. She turned herself 90 degrees and was laying the short way in her bed. I have no idea how she scooted herself around but I can't wait until I can catch her doing it.

In my last post, there is a picture of Payton in her new swing. She loves it. More on this later...

Every night (or as much as we can) we let her listen to the Disney park music from 8-9. Even if she is sleeping we turn it on for her. She listens to Illuminations, Spectromagic, Wishes, and Fantasmic. I can't wait for the day when she can see all of these shows in person. Less than 3 years now... I decided that her bedtime routine is going to be... Listen to her music, take a bath, have a bottle, hear a story, cuddle, bedtime. Something like that. I want Tim to be here for her bath time as much as possible and since he works until 8 usually, by the time he gets home her music will be almost over and she will be ready for a bath (on bath nights, of course). Now of course it may not always go in that order, but those are the things I plan to do. We will see how it goes.

I guess this post has gotten long enough and I need to get ready because I am going to get my hair done today finally!
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