Happy 4th of July

Today is a big day... it is Payton's first holiday (besides Father's Day)! I made her a cute dress to wear and we of course did a photoshoot with her. We didn't go anywhere this year. We had my parents over and cooked out. Next year we will be back home for a wedding and I think Tim may already be counting down to when she can be in Lakewood for the 4th of July. I contemplated seeing fireworks this year but she is just too small to be out there getting eaten up by bugs and who knows how she would react to them.

Today was also the first day Payton got to hang out outside (because it wasn't excrutiatingly hot). We were out on our patio pretty much all day and she just bounced away in her bouncy seat. It definitely wore her out because now she is sound asleep in her swing. We have a cute onesie for her to wear to bed tonight and will be doing some pictures in that too after her bath. (Look for those pictures in another post- possibly Wednesday.) Also, be on the lookout for a cute side by side of Payton and her cousin Madison in their matching dresses...

We hope everyone had a very enjoyable holiday!

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  1. Anonymous04 July, 2011

    (Dana from Hancockheir): she is too cute! I love the headband!

  2. Thanks! I made the flower (along with a ton of others). I can't resist them haha

  3. That hat makes me laugh everytime I see it...GREAT pictures!!! You should go into photography on the side :)

  4. Beautiful out fit of the baby and looking so adorable!


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