Happy 1 Month Baby Girl!

Ok so our 5 day hiatus lasted a little longer than 5 days. We were very worn out from our visit with Auntie and really needed to catch up on our sleep. Add to that Payton going through a growth spurt and me trying to get some kind of something done for the school year and we have no blogging for over a week! But we are back and hopefully will be posting more regularly. We have been so sleepy we haven't even taken many pictures. But I promise I will bust out the camera a little more often.

One month ago (at exactly the time this blog is posting), little Payton Grace came into this world announced her arrival into this crazy world with her powerful lungs. Those lungs are still powerful. I can not believe it has already been an entire month. She is changing every day and it makes me a little sad to think that we are already at 1 month. Granted I want her to grow and be able to do all sorts of things that she currently can't do, but I want her to stay small too. Ever since she was conceived we have realized that she will do things on her time. Not when the books say she should, not when we want her to... it is all up to her. She is definitely her mommy's daughter in that she loves her naps. And she is definitely her daddy's daughter in every single other way. I swear she got all her DNA from him and I just carried her for 9 months. But she is adorable and I wouldn't have it any other way. As I type this, Payton is napping and I realize that she got one other thing from me... the way she stretches. Her entire body stretches and she makes faces and noises that are as cute as she is.

Payton's 1 month stats:

Sleep- Payton sleeps a lot these days. After all, being a newborn is hard work! I will say though that she does spend a lot more time awake these days and we just love spending time together. We have a pattern that she eats, stays awake a little while, then naps. Her wake time is getting longer and longer and sometimes she will even stay awake the entire time between her feedings (by her own choice- I don't force her). At night she usually is asleep by 11 for the night and wakes up around 3 to eat. Then has her first breakfast at around 6 or 7 and sleeps for 3 or 4 more hours. Then we start our day.

Daily Routine- Our routine currently is whatever Payton wants it to be. It is pretty much the same every day though, with her eating every 3-4 hours. Some days, after her first breakfast (at 6 or 7) she gets in bed with us and peacefully sleeps until her next meal. After that we get out of bed and move ourselves into the living room. After each feeding I keep her upright for about 10-15 minutes to let everything settle and make sure she has no burps left in her. Usually we try tummy time and sometimes she enjoys it, and sometimes she tries to go to sleep. After this Payton usually gets her bonding time with her swing and she just looks around until she gets too tired to stay awake. While she is sleeping I try to do some stuff for work, but usually I either fall asleep or she wakes up just as I get started (she likes to try 10-20 minute cat naps). She eats again and then we hang out for a bit (watching Let's Make a Deal). This is our cuddle time- Payton likes to climb all over me so she does that for a little bit until she gets tired then falls asleep on my chest and we both relax. Sometimes I nap with her, other times I put her down and try to clean up some (or at the very least, get the dishes done). Then, shocker here, she eats again! And right around this time (dinner time) is when she thinks she needs to be fussy. Once she is done fussing, I finish the dishes if they weren't done. Sometimes we try tummy time again. Sometimes I let her just lay on her back and play with her play mat toys. At 8pm most nights she listens to her Disney music (assuming I remember to turn it on) and we wait for Daddy to get home. Once he is home, we get to eat our dinner (often times with him holding her because he missed her) and then we start her bedtime routine. On bath night she gets a bath (which she loves- and hates to get out), gets a nice lotion massage, we read her at least one story, one nursery rhyme, and one bible story, and we bring her to bed. She gets cuddle time with daddy and then she goes to bed by 11. Sometimes earlier. On non bath nights we do the same, just without the bath.

Feeding- for the most part she eats 3 ounces every 3-4 hours. Just yesterday though she started having 4 ounces a couple times. We started with Thursday night's bedtime feeding and then Friday morning she had 4. We aren't entirely sure she is ready for 4 ounces at every meal yet so we just make 3 and see if she wants more when she finishes those 3. She has developed this new thing where she cries when we try to burp her because she thinks we are taking her food away. Once she realizes she's not going to starve and we aren't giving it back until she burps she gives up the crying, burps, and enjoys more food.

birth- 6lbs 8oz
2 weeks- 7lbs 8oz
1 month- (our at home estimate) was 8lbs even a few days ago (she has a dr appointment Monday and we will update this then) 8lbs 15oz

birth- 20 inches
2 weeks- 20 1/4 inches
1 month- I will know Monday 21inches

Diaper size- newborn still- we tried size 1's and they were just ginormous- they were almost up to her shoulders and so loose around her legs everything would have spilled out. So we are sticking with newborn a little longer. (Update: We have tried Huggies size 1 and those seem a little better so we are alternating the pampers N and Huggies 1)

Clothing size- newborn and even some of those are still too big. I have put a couple 0-3 mos clothes on her because I wanted her to wear something different. Everyone said "don't get too many newborn clothes, she won't be in them long"  here we are 1 month later and still in them!

Hair color-
birth- brown and a lot of it
1 month- brown but it seems to be lightening and even getting mommy's natural red highlights (you can see them in the sun)- still a lot of it- but it seems she is losing some

Eye color-
birth- brown/green with a blue outline
1 month- it appears she will have eyes like her daddy- some days they look green, other days brown, other days hazel, and even once or twice they have looked blueish gray.

Favorite toy/entertainment- Payton loves spending time in her swing or bouncy seat. We got one of the car seat toys that is black and white to hang on her bouncy seat bar (she can't reach the toys that are on the bar and they don't rattle anyways so they are boring) and she enjoys playing with that (see video in this post. )

Nicknames- there are already a ton... Pretty Girl, Baby Girl, Stinks (if you smelled this kid's diapers you would understand), Chunka (because she is a slob when she eats- this is lovingly given to her not because she is chunky- because she isn't even close to chunky), Princess... I am sure there are more things we call her I just can't think of them right now.

Funniest moments- well there have been a couple of these and they all revolve around her bodily functions. At one month old they don't do much else... one funny moment was when we were changing her poopy diaper and just as Tim got all done cleaning her, she started going more... so we threw another diaper under her. She finished, we cleaned her, got a new diaper under her, and she started going again! We went through 4 diapers in that one change. Another one was when we had a girls day with Auntie and Nonny. At target, Nonny said she would feed Payton so we could finish browsing (the baby section of course). We went back to find them and they were missing. I found them walking towards us with a look of being completely mortified on my mom's face. Of course Payton had pooped in Target... and it was a bad one. We got her into the bathroom and it was all over the place. We ended up practically giving her a sponge bath right there in the Target bathroom... good thing I had an extra onesie in my bag. And just Thursday night, I finally got in the shower while Tim was getting his cuddle time in with Payton. When I got out he said "get her changing table ready- this is bad" so I pull up her changing table on her pack and play and try to finish getting dressed from the shower. Tim started changing her and sure enough as he's cleaning her off, she peed on him. His reactions to this are what make me laugh as hard as I do. Needless to say we had more cleaning up to do, and Payton just laid there with a very content look on her face.

Favorite moment- I think my favorite moment was giving Payton her first real bath (and every bath there after). Another favorite is when feeding her and she just looks up at me with those big (color of the day) eyes. Oh and another was when Tim would stick his tongue out, she did it back. They did this back and forth for a few times. Ok so I have a lot of favorites, but can you blame me?!

Milestones- well since she was born, Payton has been lifting her head for long amounts of time. She now looks around a lot and can hold it up for even longer and will stare at you intently if you are talking to her. She also has discovered her hands and can see her toys and swats at them. (Coincidentally she discovered her hair on the top of her head too and pulled it- hard! She screamed and her clench was so tight I couldn't get her to let go.... 20 minutes later, she did it again.) She is really good at turning her head from side to side and will follow her toys or the person talking to her. She gives little smiles but they aren't fully intentional yet. They are different from her "gas smiles" but they aren't always because of something someone says or does. She is trying her hardest to start jabbering but hasn't quite figured that out just yet. Her mouth moves but nothing comes out.

Firsts- well everything she has done has been a first since it is her first month. But..
first walk around the neighborhood
first bath
first trip to the mall
first time seeing her hands
first time playing with her toys
first time turning head from side to side
first time in her crib (it was only for 10 minutes but she took a quick nap in there while I tried setting up her floor mat)
first time meeting her BFF Aubrey (check out Aubrey in all her cuteness at Tangled Up In You)

I am amazed everyday watching this little girl grow. I can't wait until she starts doing more and more. I will truly miss all of this when I have to go back to work. I am just hoping I get to see one or two more milestones before I go back to work because after that I will have to catch everything the second or third time she does it. I wouldn't trade this little girl for the world! And because you assumingly read this far through all my babbling on about our baby, I will give you some pictures... but unfortunately you will have to check for them tomorrow because we are taking her one month pictures tomorrow when Tim is off work. We like to do them together. I will be sure to post when I upload them.

Here are some pictures... we plan to take more because Payton didn't want anything to do with it the other day...

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  1. Your day sounds like a spitting image of mine. He has his witching our from 7-9 every evening and just wants to be cuddled and nursed. No problem there. It's amazing how much the change in a month, isn't it? My little chunker is already close to 10 lbs!

  2. I'm excited for the pictures! Don't worry, mommy you will get to see a lot more milestones in your time off. You know reading through your post reminds of a lot of stuff with Aubrey I had forgotten to right down. So much happens with these babies, I swear you could write a post that long almost daily. I need to start writing things down more often b/c I'm shocked at home much I'm already forgetting. Oh, and Happy 1 Month Again Payton!!

  3. Erin I bet a lot of 1month mommies days sound like ours... I would be shocked if they didn't lol

    Amy we are hoping she cooperates tomorrow for pictures. She seems to think it is party time for some reason and doesn't want to go to bed. I didn't even realize how long this was until I was done. It's a novel! And Payton says thank you!

  4. What a cute blog and you're little one is so precious. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. It really makes me feel sooo much better to hear that others experience the same feelings as me when they were prego. I'm you're newest follower! Can't wait to read more! :)

  5. I LOVE the last picture!


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