a 5 day hiatus

Payton and I will probably be taking a 5 day hiatus from blogging- but with good reason. Her Auntie Ash is here visiting and we need to spend our time with her. We have lots of running around to do and pictures to take. If we do post they will probably be scatterbrained and done late at night, like this one. Oh who am I kidding, ever since she was born these posts have been scatterbrained! Any bit of brain I had left from "pregnancy brain" I have no sacrificed to "baby brain". Literally- I can think of something I have to do and not two minutes later I have forgotten.

Anyways- today marks Payton being 3 weeks! I can't believe she was born 3 weeks ago. Even with her fussiness (that we think may be gas), we love her more and more every day. But how could we not? Things Payton is doing now....
* loving tummy time and turning her head from side to side. Once she does it one time and we get excited for her, she wants to keep doing it to show off.
* pretending to hold her own bottle
* gripping my fingers when I am feeding her (I really think this is her way of saying "don't you dare try to take that bottle away mommy!"
* almost not fitting into newborn diapers anymore (however we tried a size 1 on her today and it was too big)
* focusing on people when they talk to her
* bathing every other day (ish) and loving it! (even tonight when she refused to keep her legs in the water and was making herself cold, she was loving the bath)
* playing with toys that are hanging. We bought her a toy for her carseat (I have like 6 of them at home but we were out and about and had nothing so I bought one more) that she was enamored with. So I attached one of the others to her bouncy seat and she loves it. (video below)
* getting lots more kisses from Roscoe (a post about his taking to her will be coming soon...)
* working on getting on a decent schedule. She pretty much eats every 3 hours (sometimes 4 hours, but that is rare) and at night goes a little bit longer. We really only have one true middle of the night feeding ( around 3am). We have a late night (11pm ish) then an early morning (6am ish) so it isn't too bad.
* coincidentally listening to me when I tell her to poop at specific times (no joke... I told her yesterday to wait until I was in the dentist's chair when Nonny had her... sure enough as soon as I went in, she pooped. Tonight I told her to wait til Daddy got home and sure enough, she did!)

We have found that swaddling her really helps her sleep. Tonight we decided to try one of the Halo Sleep Sacks. We are expecting for her to bust her insanely strong arms out a lot easier in this than in our swaddle but we will see. Right now she is very peaceful and that makes me one happy mama. Here is a picture of her (taken on our video camera)...

And as mentioned above, her video playing with her toy. This made me so excited! I am now more glad than ever that we splurged on a video camera!

And how are Tim and I doing you may ask? We are doing pretty well I think. I am adjusting to the sleepiness and actually managed to not need a nap for the past couple days. I am going to try to do without naps so that when I go back to work I am able to get things done and spend time with her and still function. Payton has her fussy moments that we are attributing to gas, which was making me sad for her and feeling useless because I couldn't get her to feel better. A few times she just can't manage to get her burps out no matter how hard we try. After many suggestions (and my fair share of research) we decided to try gripe water. Within five minutes of giving it to her she let out a huge burp. I then let out a huge sigh of relief. No parent wants to see their baby uncomfortable and that is precisely what she ends up being. We also cycle her legs to help her belly. That seems to help. I think we are learning and doing pretty good (no mater how emotional I may get...) and can only get better. As far as I am concerned, we have the perfect family (and I would guess Tim would agree). We are off to bed (because as you can see in the above picture, Payton is already sleeping, which means we should be too...). Tomorrow the girls have lots of running around to do. We may do a post, we may not.

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  1. We'll miss your posts but have fun! I totally know what you mean by pregnancy brain because I am losing my mind and forgeting EVERYTHING! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Ok you probably won't see that and that is ok cause this week is all about your visit with Ash but..... DO NOT ever think you and Tim are doing anything wrong...you are the most amazing parents ever and the love you have for that precious little girl is amazing!!! Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what to do when she cries...that does not make you a bad mommy or daddy...she has the best parents ever and you guys are doing a GREAT job...I am so proud of both of you...you were great "daters" then got married and moved into your first home and were a great married couple...now you are FANTASTIC parents...keep up the good work....i love you all!!!


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