Just some cute pictures

Like I said in my last post, we are trying to learn to use this flash and decided to take a couple cute pictures of my belly. I also made Payton 3 more bows... one bright pink, one Bills colors (and it will work for the 4th of July too) and one FSU colors (as close as I could get)... she has to be able to support her teams afterall! We will probably make her a Sabres, Braves, and Grizzlies colored one too as long as I can find the colors. Here are the bows and the cute belly pictures...

I think I want to frame this one

And I am definitely framing this one

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Pictures added

I added the belly pictures to the 36 week post and the 37 week post

Tim took a couple cute pictures of my belly yesterday that I am working on editing and will post those soon! I may want to take a few more but we will see... we are trying to learn to use this new flash and figure my belly is a good subject right?

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37 weeks!

I am finally on summer break! I am so glad I finished the school year before Payton came. Now I just need a few days to relax and then I am ok with her coming (well really we all know I am ok no matter what day she comes but I wouldn't mind a few days to relax). So far I haven't done much to write about- I got my fabric squared but have not started cutting or sewing a single thing. I decided no more prewashing- it isn't worth the time. Tomorrow we are going to Becca and Jay's for a Memorial Day cookout/game night (I think- since she asked me to bring games).

Yesterday my mom came over and we made some sense of the bottle/formula cupboard. That was a disaster- but it is much better now! Payton's bottles and pacifiers are all ready for her.. now if only I could finish washing all her clothes. There isn't that much left, it is just the stuff I got recently that needs to be washed. We also need to install the car seat bases in the cars and I need to make a packing list and get stuff ready... not packed, just ready. I will throw it in the bag when I think I am in labor. Now for the weekly stats...

Date: May 27, 2011
How far along: 37 weeks
Sleep: Still ok, just having to roll over or get up to go to the bathroom is a chore
Best Moment of the Week:  Well I finished school and Mike and Sarah had their baby Friday! (Welcome Madison!)
Movement: Yep she's a mover and a shaker
Food Cravings:  Freeze pops still
Food Aversions:  None I just have a hard time decided what I want to eat sometimes
Maternity clothes:  I am on summer vacation- I may end up in comfy clothes every day from now until she gets here just for my own comfort
What I miss: Being able to sleep on my stomach and roll over without waking up Tim and Roscoe. 
What I'm looking forward to:  going to Becca and Jay's and eventually holding Payton!
Weekly wisdom:  Just because there appears to be no progress doesn't mean she isn't coming ( this is what I am telling myself to make me feel better about the fact that on Tuesday I will probably hear the same "no news" from my Dr. )
Milestones:  I am carrying a full term baby!

According to thebump Payton is the size of a (here it is....)

watermelon! Can you believe that?! She is gaining about 1/2 an ounce a day and getting her first sticky poop (called meconium) ready. She's also brushing up on skills for the outside world: blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping (it's getting strong).

Yesterday Amy and Aubrey came over for a visit and I must say, Roscoe was really good with her. He was really concerned about her and wanted to sniff her but he was not as crazy as I expected, and he was really good about staying away from her face! He just wanted to give her a little love! And then when she cried he was very concerned! Hopefully he will get used to Payton very quickly once she comes.

If you haven't voted on both polls, make sure to vote!

I will get a picture taken soon and post it (and last week's picture). Have a great holiday weekend! I will update after my appt Tuesday.
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The second poll

I put a baby weight poll under her debut poll. Take a guess. It will be fun to see what everyone thinks!
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Congratulations are in order...

A big Congratulations to Mike and Sarah on the birth of their beautiful baby girl Madison!! We can't wait until we can get together!! Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later! 

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And I thought I was big before?!

I did my Feb-May collage of belly pictures. Apparently there was quite some time that we didn't take pictures so these aren't all at the exact same point in the month, but they are as close as I could get...

If you click the collage it will open up bigger. I can not believe that I thought I was big in Jan/Feb! People are saying that I have dropped a bit, but I still don't feel like anything is going on. If you haven't voted in our poll, get your vote in before she decides to make her debut!

And to see the comparison from the first four months, go here
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Monday we had our 36 week appointment. The only number that changed was the number on the scale. I am not dilated or effaced. Nothing. We have no progress going on other than Payton is head down. (Which is why the title of this post is a big fat 0.) I know I am only 36 weeks and it is ok that there isn't any progress, but anything would have been better than hearing nothing. I also am aware that this could all change at any minute, but I am just not feeling like it. I am starting to think my dad (and 4 other people as of the last time I looked at the poll) are right and she will be evicted. My doctor will probably schedule me for an induction close to my due date soon, just so that it is scheduled should we need it. After that appointment we went to Five Guys (so glad they decided to come to Memphis at the end of my pregnancy) and then to Baskin Robbins. That was our big date night! We also took a belly picture this week- I just need to load it onto the computer and post it.

In other pregnancy news... if my stomach doesn't stop itching soon I am going to go crazy. I know it is from the stretching and I shouldn't itch it, but I can only take so much. And besides that I am getting eaten alive by mosquitoes so I am just itchy everywhere!

Our niece (Tim's brother and his wife) was due yesterday... she too is still hanging out inside her mommy. I can not wait until she is born so we can see her pretty face! I had Sarah relay that message to her, but these babies just don't care what we want! Anytime now Madison!

Outside of pregnancy- we are finally done teaching! Tomorrow is our last work day and then I will be free! Free to sit here and go crazy wondering why I am not in labor. Free to sit here and think of all the pictures I want to take of Payton. Free to sit here and sew up some dresses for the girls. But mostly just free from the 18 students who have pushed every single button in me this year!

Amy and Aubs came to visit work yesterday... I tried to have Aubrey tell Payton she is really wanting to meet her. Aubrey promptly closed her eyes and went back to sleep. We are hoping Aubrey was sending telepathic messages to her BFF... and in the messages we are also hoping we told her to be nice and come out easily and not put me through what Amy went through. But I know in the end it will all be worth it and I will forget the pain.... at least that is what I am assuming since plenty of people go through this more than once.

We are off to put our feet up and relax- because we can! I will keep everyone posted on the hopefully soon arrival of Madison and if we end up having any progress anytime soon.... we are going to Becca and Jay's Sunday for a cookout... Our friend Melissa went into labor after being at Becca's even though she wasn't near due... maybe Becca's couch will be the trick- but don't worry Jay I will do my best to make sure my water doesn't break on your couch! :)

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Just a couple things..

Last week we got a package in the mail with the cutest dress and hair bow... but no card. I had no idea who it came from! I was wracking my brain trying to figure it out. We found out it came from Tim's cousin Jil and her husband Brian... and it is the cutest dress ever! Thank you Jil and Brian (& Brycen)

I am hoping that even though it won't be the right size to be a dress when we take her to Disney (in 3 years) that it will be a good length to be a shirt with some cute pants/leggings/capris/whatever I stick her in.

Then the next day (I think) we got ANOTHER package... this one was from my friend Racheal.. in the back of the picture is the softest blanket ever! And in front is her pettiskirt- Payton is going to look so cute in this for pictures! Thank you so much Rach!

Last, we got her bouncy seat last weekend and I guess I forgot to post a picture...

It is also staying in the living room with her swing to let Roscoe adjust. He hasn't freaked out about them yet... I guess he only freaks out when we are putting things together... As cute as he is, I guess he isn't the brightest
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For your puppy loving pleasure

I give you some new pictures of Roscoe... because how can you not love this face?!

 We went running errands and in the Target dollar spot they had dog toys. We got Roscoe this new toy, even though he has a TON of toys. He gets something every once in a while when we run errands if we find something good. For a dollar- I should have bought the 4 or 5 that they had and saved them for when he inevitably breaks the squeaker in this one. Even though he has a ton of toys, he loves them all equally and he definitely plays with every. single. one. Trust me- our house ends up looking like a tornado came through and spewed his toys all over the house by the end of the week. And every night he brings one to bed... so by the end of the week our bed is full too. We are trying to get his bed time excitement on video but it is hard because he is such a spaz. Maybe we will get it soon so you can see.

We got really lucky when we picked Roscoe out... I don't think he would fit in any better with any other family besides ours!

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Almost there...

In more ways than one! We are almost done with school... Thursday is my last day to work... and I am 4 weeks away from my due date (well technically 3 weeks 6 days since I am a day late here). I can't believe how quick this went by! Everyone has been making predictions of when I will have Payton (and you should too- on that poll over there to the right) and at first I was agreeing there was no way I was making it until June 18.. but now... now I feel like she will be evicted. I didnt do my weekly post yesterday because we had our all day childbirth class. THAT was a long day... and personally nothing I would suggest going to. I guess the last half was ok because they go over the whole bringing the baby home thing and go over diaper changing and bathing (which I think almost every guy in there needed) but the rest of it was nothing I hadn't heard, seen, or read before. And I have bathed, changed, and diapered plenty of children.

On Friday, my feet got so swollen I wasn't sure what to do. I came home and put them up, instead of running to Target with Amy (and believe me I was really tempted to make the Target run just for something to do). I was hoping they would go down but yesterday in the class they were just huge. They were practically busting out of my shoes... and by shoes I mean yellowbox flip flops. If you know what yellowbox are then you know they are rather wide and my feet should NOT feel tight in them. I asked the nurse at the end of class and she said they seemed a little larger than they should have been. Luckily today they are finally going back down. Hopefully they don't get that extreme again.

And now...

Date: May 22, 2011
How far along: 36 weeks (+1 day)
Sleep: Still ok here
Best Moment of the Week:  Hmm I am not sure anything that thrilling happened- oh other than my doctor telling me he wouldn't check to see if I was dilated Monday since I just had it done. 
Movement: Yep shes moving alright
Food Cravings:  Freeze pops
Food Aversions:  None
Maternity clothes:  It appears she is dropping some because my shirts are no longer the right length
What I miss: Being my normal size
What I'm looking forward to:  Thursday
Weekly wisdom:  There is no easy way to get this baby out... 
Milestones:  Well I believe I officially made it longer in pregnancy with Payton than my mother did with me... we are doin good.

According to thebump Payton is as big as a honeydew still (next week is the doozie!)
Her skin is getting smooth and soft, her gums are rigid, her kidneys and liver are in working order, and her circulation and immune system are basically good to go. Her lungs are the only organs that need to fully mature, but every day she gets a little closer to breathing on her own.

I am currently sitting here waiting for fabric to be prewashed so that I can sew, but by the time that is all done, I will probably be too tired to sew. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow- yea right, who am I kidding. I am never alert enough to sew after work! But on a good note for all my readers (even the ones who don't click the follow button!) there will be some posts prepared for the week- even a Roscoe update!

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Oak Forest Baby Shower

I have to say I work with a great group of people and some of my best friends work with me... which is what keeps me sane I swear! Becca, Lori, and Elisabeth organized a shower for me this past Friday at Happy Mexican (which is very happy for the non preggos- they enjoy drinks at these showers!). It was a great time and Payton got some super cute gifts (and I got cheese dip)! I didn't have my camera because the batteries were both dead so I don't have pictures of the cake or the set up, but Becca made a cute funfetti cake with a crown on the top and Elisabeth and Lori had cute little decorations with quotes. I loved them!

From Becca

Also from Becca

From Michelle

From Michelle (also a dress, bows, and handprint ornament not pictured)

Necessities from Amy

From Amy

From Amy

This is obviously from Amy

From Aubrey- Payton's BFF

From Aubrey

From Coach

From Coach- modeled by Roscoe (I Love Daddy bib)

From one of my students!

From the office ladies + Elisabeth and Lori

From Mrs. Greene

From Lori

From Wendi and Mrs. Howell

From Christy

From Kristi

From Mrs. Branan

Decorations hanging

Close up so you can see the P better

We think it was a great shower and Tim, Payton, and I are very thankful for all of the gifts. Payton is very excited to wear all these cute clothes (yes- she told me)

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