Day 26

A picture of something that means a lot to you

My marriage means the world to me. 

(My family and friends also mean the world to me but that would require me to post waaaay too many pictures in order to show everyone... you know if you are one of he people who would be pictured.)
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Day 25

A picture of your day

Unfortunately I forgot to take the picture... hopefully I will remember next week and can post it in here. If/when I do, I will link to it. This isn't one I can just find on the internet either. To fully understand what my day is like, you need a real picture...

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Trying to get caught up...

Well, 33 weeks is here! I have been sleeping a ton and it doesn't seem to be helping any. I am still constantly tired. I think it might be better if I didn't have 18 3rd graders who think the school year is over and make me more run down than I already am. Luckily, there are only 18 teaching days left...and let's face it those last 3 really don't count. We (teachers) are done on May 26 and I would like Payton to stay put a couple weeks after that so I have time to relax a little before she gets here. I don't plan on packing a bag for the hospital until school is over, unless my Dr. starts checking me and telling me I am dilated. Then I might have to pack. On top of being constantly tired, I am constantly hungry! I am terrified that Payton is going to be huge for how hungry I am. My Dr. thinks I am crazy but it worries me!

I had my Dr. appointment on Thursday (it was supposed to be this coming Monday but I have a meeting and had to reschedule). Tim couldn't come to this one so I went alone, no big deal. However, I have since decided he can't miss anymore, because he didn't go to this one and I am falling apart! This was the first time I had protein in my urine and also something else that shows being dehydrated! Luckily my blood pressure was fine and my swelling was down, so my Dr. wasn't worried. I did tell him that I cheated on the swelling and taught from a chair all day so that I wouldn't get swollen too bad. He laughed... but whatever I gotta do right?! I also lost a pound, which is strange with the amount I have been eating, but that's ok I am sure it will be back in 2 weeks... plus a couple more.

The tornadoes and crappy weather have finally stopped (at least I hope they are done for the season now) and yesterday my mom and I took Roscoe for a walk. It was an hour walk (that wouldn't have taken an hour if I weren't so slow) and he loved it! By the end of it, I was lucky to make it up my parents' driveway (it is really steep). And last night the Grizzlies won their game against the Spurs, advancing them to the next round in the playoffs! I didn't stay awake to see the end of the game... I was too tired.

And here are our weekly stats...
Date: April 30, 2011
How far along: 33 weeks
Sleep: I enjoy it and I usually don't wake up in the middle of the night, except the past two nights I have... meaning Roscoe decided he needed to go out too... Tim wasn't thrilled with that 
Best Moment of the week: Finding out that Tim was playing with Payton while I was sleeping... I will post that story at the bottom.
Movement: Still active... her stretching is like slow motion though and sometimes I wish she would hurry up with it because she pushes hard enough that it hurts... not bad hurt, just a weird feeling I can't describe. 
Food cravings: No cravings but I have been eating a lot of fruit and then Easter chocolate
Food Aversions: None
Maternity clothes: Haven't bought anything new and don' plan to. I have enough
Symptoms: Just feeling her move and having a huge belly.. no pains this week!
What I miss: Seeing my feet... and not seeing them swollen
What I'm looking forward to: The end of the school year
Weekly wisdom: I was too tired this week to have wisdom... 
Milestones: One week closer to meeting Payton! 

According to thebump, Payton is the size of a

Things are heating up inside as well: Baby may grow up to a full inch this week alone, and her brain is developing like crazy. Pretty soon, she'll be able to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Also, her bones are hardening, and she's started to keep her eyes open when she's awake.

Our belly picture will be coming in a couple days I imagine. We haven't taken one yet (I am still in bed afterall). 

I mentioned in my stats that Tim was playing with Payton in my sleep. Apparently the other night Tim was playing the poking game. He poked my stomach and waited for Payton to poke back, and she did. He said they did this for a good five minutes... I was so tired I didn't feel a thing. I'm kinda sad I missed it but it made me smile knowing that he had his own little time with Payton- as much as he could anyways. I always get my own time with her so I was glad he got this time. Of course when she is born and I go back to work he will get lots of his own time with her.

I am finally going to get myself caught up on my photo challenge updates then probably relax a little before sewing more. I am waiting for one thing to be shipped for Payton's room and once we have that hung up I will post pictures. Hopefully it will be here in the next couple days and we can get that done soon!

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We've been MIA kinda

I haven't posted a lot lately because between this weather and doing "Think Show projects" (don't ask) I am completely worn out. My poor kids have spent over 1.5 hours in total this week crouched in the hallways for tornadoes... we have been scrambling to get projects finished and hung for tomorrow's show (done finally today)... and all of this has just worn me out to the point that I have no idea how I even get up in the mornings!  I have lots of things to update about though and I promise I will get to them soon...

photo challenge catching up
Tim and Payton playing
Payton's room!
my weekly update and dr appt tomorrow
maybe more...
hopefully soon... definitely by Saturday

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Pediatrician Visit

Today we went to visit a pediatrician. The office was very nice and the staff was very friendly. They knew everyone who walked in or called. It was very nice and comforting because my pediatrician's office was very similar when I was younger. There was another couple there at the same time as us and they had a lot more questions than we did. It made me feel very unprepared to have Payton but I am more the learn as you go type I guess. There are only 2 doctors in the office (and another that is there 1 day a week) and they both did the visit with us. The entire office had framed Disney pictures (which I know Payton will love) and each room had a different theme (the very hungry caterpillar, cinderella, cat in the hat, etc.). When we first got there, there was a little boy who didn't even want to leave! That has to be a good sign right? And... the kids get a sucker and a popsicle! Who doesn't love that? But aside from all that (popsicles, decorations, a free stroller... yep they gave us a free stroller)... they were very nice and I felt very comfortable there. Especially seeing how the kids were happy and how well they knew their patients and families. For now we have one more place we may go look at, but this place ranks up there pretty high!

In other news, we had another tornado today and the poor kids were hunched in the hallway about an hour, making our lunch an hour behind. And because of all that, I forgot to take my picture for today's picture challenge post. So hopefully I will be able to get the picture tomorrow (assuming there is no tornado tomorrow- we are supposed to have bad weather until Wednesday). Until then...

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Day 24

A picture of something you wish you could change

These temperatures + 8mos pregnant + broken air conditioning at school (which I am going to be sure they fix because they will get sick of me complaining) + our air conditioner deciding to not work at home (which Tim is going to call to get fixed tomorrow I hope) = not so pleasant... and usually I love the heat and sun... but not at this point!

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Grizzlies Playoff Game

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled {blogging about Payton} to tell you about the Memphis Grizzlies...

When we first moved here, I got an email at work offering discounted tickets to the Grizzlies games. Being that there is no other professional sports team here we decided to go. We have been going to a couple games a year since. And even when they weren't so great, that was ok because we are from Buffalo after all. We are used to teams letting us down and still supporting them. Well this year we didn't get any of the good ticket offers (and I don't pay full price for these tickets unless we sit way high up) so we only went to one game. Once the Grizzlies made the playoffs we decided we would try to go to one of the games. And so last night we went to game 3 vs. San Antonio. We sat way up there and the seats were actually pretty good. We could see everything... except when everyone kept standing up. I eventually gave up with the stand up-sit down routine. It got extremely tiring!

I ended up going down to the concession stand once and the bathroom once... and going down was easy. Coming back up those stairs... I got winded! At one point the band was playing some music and Payton was dancing around having a good time. She was moving quite a bit at the game. So she obviously had a good time too! At one point the guy next to us got so excited he stood up to jump and somehow fell forward into the guy in front of him, who then fell into the guy in front of him. Luckily it was only a 3 person domino effect, and even more lucky was the fact that he was next to me and not behind me!

The Grizzlies had a pretty good lead at one point but somehow they let it go towards the end and it became quite the nail biter! but...

and now just some pictures from the game... edited ones were done by Tim this time.

The Grizz

Jerry the King Lawler

Half Time entertainment- we've seen her before

More entertainment

We win!
By the time we got home I was exhausted! But I wanted to take a picture of my belly with Payton's ultrasound picture (which is now posted in the 32 week post ). My face doesn't look entirely too fat (though I didn't post the one with my face in it yet) but I did look exhausted! I think I am going to find something cute to wear one of these days and we will do some cute pictures... maybe...

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4d ultrasound

We are back from our ultrasound. It was pretty neat to see her but having an anterior placenta kinda got in the way. Apparently Payton doesn't mind it because it is like her own personal pillow in there, but I really didn't want pictures of the placenta! I drank some Dr. Pepper before going in hoping it would keep her awake... it didn't. She decided she didn't care what we were doing or how much caffeine I gave her, she was going to sleep. And sleep she did. We did get some pretty good pictures of her though...

She pouted at us a few times and gave a huge yawn! She was also holding on the the umbilical cord like it was her own personal toy in there. The last picture I think is cute because I was laying on my side resting my head on my hand the same way she is. (And that blob blocking her face is the placenta...dumb thing.) We also found out that she is still a Payton (phew) and that she has very teeny bits of hair on her head. And I do mean teeny. She was just as stubborn for this u/s as she was for the last one we had done and did not want to show us that she was a girl... I guess this is a good thing, she's not flashing the world. She stretched out a bit and had the hiccups which I thought was cute to see. She also stuck her tongue out. We decided that she has Tim's smirk and his chin and my baldness (as a baby... clearly I have more than made up for being bald as a child now with this head of hair) and possibly my nose (from when I was a baby, mines changed quite a bit my mom says). For a second I thought she was flipping us off towards the end but Tim and the tech assured me that she had two fingers up. Overall it was a pretty neat experience, I just wish my placenta wasn't in the way.

Oh and we did find out she is head down! Yay Payton!

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Day 23

A picture of your favorite book

With a book shelf like this (with over 75 books on it and doesn't include the 85+ books I have already read and moved to a different shelf/sold)...

...and one of these with 38 books on it...

Do you really think I have one favorite book? 

My favorite genre is "chick lit" and that is mostly what you will find on my shelves. I like light, fluffy reading that makes me laugh and not have to think too hard.

I am currently reading

which is the second book in a three book series. For more information about these books, go here:

She is also releasing another book in Sept and at some point I will probably end up with the other series (the Maya Davis series) she has written because I love her books! That is how I read... if I find an author I like, I will read everything they write...

And because I read so much, I actually have a spreadsheet of the books that I own/owned and have it color coded so I know what I have already read. Yes, I have bought a book twice because I wasn't aware I already had it. Hence the spreadsheet.

What can I say... I love to read. Now I just wish someone wanted to pay me to do it. It would be the perfect career for me!

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32 weeks

Today is the big 4d ultrasound! We are hoping Payton isn't nearly as stubborn as she was at the anatomy ultrasound. Luckily if she is, they will let us schedule another appointment to try again. Her bff Aubrey was pretty stubborn THREE times... I have already warned Payton that we can not be rescheduling this a million times. My parents are coming with us and last time my mom was at the Dr with me, Payton let us hear her heartbeat on the first try (which is rare) AND she let my mom feel her kick. I am hoping my mom can influence her again. After the u/s we were going to go to Shelby Farms and take some pictures but I just don't like the way I look so it isn't going to happen. But later tonight we are going to the Grizzlies playoff game. I am really excited about that! We have really high seats but it's ok. That means there won't be any cool pictures like this one

but it's ok. We only went to that one game this year so I am just looking forward to going to another one... and hoping they win!

32 weeks (whew can you believe we are 32 weeks?! I sure can't!)

Date: April 23, 2011
How far along: 32 weeks
Sleep: I am sleeping really good still except Monday I was sick so that was a bad night and the Tuesday, Mother Nature decided tornadoes were a good idea so that was a fail too. I think I am finally caught up now though. 
Best Moment of the week: This week dragged so bad I was glad to get to yesterday and get my sewing done and now today is our u/s
Movement: She is active but only if no one is around. She plays games...which worries me for this u/s today!
Food cravings: Nothing really
Food Aversions: None
Maternity clothes: Still wearing the same things I have been wearing the past month. I swore I wasn't going to buy anymore and I am doing good so far. One more month of school to get through then it won't matter what I wear at home.
Symptoms: Back pain
What I miss: Being able to put my socks on without feeling like I ran a marathon
What I'm looking forward to: This whole day
Weekly wisdom: Apparently the farther you get into the pregnancy the slower it goes... or maybe it's just because it is also the end of the school year and that is dragging too... 
Milestones: My Dr says every week is a milestone... I love that!

Ok well I have to get up, get some breakfast, and get ready to go. Hopefully I will come back with some cute pictures of little Miss Payton! (And maybe a Grizzlies win!)

Oh and later on, we will take a belly picture to post. 

Our belly picture is a little different this week... I wanted to try something with our u/s picture so instead of a full belly picture you get...

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