I just don't have time...

I don't have enough time to do a real update right now. I am too tired and need to shower and lay down. But I want to get my 24 week stats done so that hopefully I can get some more entertaining updates done this week...

Date: February 27, 2011
How far along: 24 weeks (+1 day)
Total weight gained: Ugh let's just say the dr is not going to be thrilled. 
Sleep: I sleep decently through the night, rarely waking up once for the bathroom. But I get up super early on the weekends. 
Best Moment of the week: Picking paint and coming home from Amy's shower to a painted room for Payton.
Movement: Still the same. No more, no less.   
Food cravings: Ice cream with syrup and sprinkles. I had Tim bring home ice cream the other night but didn't realize we are practically out of syrup....so now the ice cream is waiting on me. 
Food Aversions: None
Maternity clothes: I can't wait to go back to my normal size (or smaller preferably) 
Symptoms: sore back
What I miss: I'm ok for this week
What I'm looking forward to: Hearing Payton's heartbeat again tomorrow
Weekly wisdom: I don't think I have any wisdom this week. 
Milestones: 24 weeks! Viability! 

According to the bump.com Payton is as big as a

Baby's skin is becoming more opaque as the fat starts to pack on. And, thanks to the formation of small capillaries, her newly thick skin is taking on a fresh pink glow.

Since she has been the size of a papaya a couple weeks, I don't think you need to see the picture again.

Off to get ready for bed. Hopefully I can get back into this during the week since my work to do list is (currently) very short!

Happy Shower Day!

Happy Shower Day to Mike, Sarah, and Madison! I wish I could be there!


Happy Shower Day to Amy, Jason, and Aubrey! 

A little late

Well... we are a little over 23 weeks so this is a late post. I have been very busy and overwhelmed with work (but that is another story). Over the weekend we tried to clean up Payton's room and get the guest room and computer room combined into one. After Tim got everything situated the way I wanted it and fitting in the new guest room/office... we found that the directv didn't work in there. After talking to three different people and finding out there was nothing we can do, I decided instead of pay someone $50 to move my tv into the room for us and make it work, we would just put Payton in the former office. I kinda always wanted her in there because I liked the closet better but didn't want to swap all the furniture around. So we called my parents to come over so my dad could help Tim move all the furniture (since I can't). I moved all Payton's clothes, books, diapers, etc. into her new closet. And now her room is ready to be painted! Saturday we are going to get the paint and Sunday while I am at Amy's shower my dad and Tim are going to paint her room. Next weekend they are going to put the furniture together and Payton's room will be pretty much ready for me to put my finishing touches on it (assuming the crib gets here). And our Buffalo shower will be 2 weeks after the furniture is all ready! I can't wait!

And now for the update...

Date: February 23, 2011
How far along: 23 weeks (+4days)
Total weight gained: I have a doctor appointment Monday but I think it is near 18 lbs 
Sleep: I love the sleep... I always have. And I go to bed very early these days (which sometimes I get mad because I miss shows we are trying to watch)
Best Moment of the week: Getting all the furniture where it needs to be
Movement: I feel her but she is really stubborn. As soon as I tell Tim to try to feel her she stops. So I finally (at 530am) just grabbed Tim's hand and put it where he could feel her.  
Food cravings: Just anything that I want needs to be instantly there. 
Food Aversions: None
Maternity clothes: I can't stand that these dumb pants won't stay up! 
Symptoms: Same ole same ole
What I miss: Well Monday night was the first night I missed alcohol... because as stressed as I was I would have had quite a few if I weren't pregnant (and I do not ever drink on weekdays!)
What I'm looking forward to: (nothing to do with Payton) going to Amy's showers! Little Aubrey will be here in just two months!!
Weekly wisdom: When trying to get your husband to feel the baby, grabbing his arm while he is sound asleep is not always smart... he might think something is wrong either with you or the house (Tim thought I heard someone at the house) 
Milestones: We are almost to 24 weeks which is viability! 

According to the bump.com Payton is as big as a

Baby's little face is fully formed...minus the baby fat, of course. The next task at hand for baby: sprouting two teeny-tiny nipples!

Also, we have not taken belly pics... we didn't take one for 22 weeks and as of today do not have one for 23 weeks. I just haven't been really feeling up to it lately. Maybe this weekend we will get back on track!

I have lots of ideas of things I want to post but I just haven't had time lately.  Hopefully this weekend!

Picture added from Shelby Farms 2/19

A coming home outfit

With all these clothes we have been buying, I just couldn't find the outfit that we wanted to be her "coming home" outfit. Everything is equally cute, but I just didn't know what I wanted to put her in to come home. I didn't want her in an outfit that she would end up having to be wrapped up and not see any of the outfit. When we were at Target Saturday, we found the cutest outfit.

From Nonny and Papa, Payton Grace's coming home attire....

Gifts from Nonny and Papa

On our trip to Target (to buy hangers), my dad told my mom to get Payton some prizes. So we spent a while in the baby section (this is how I ended up spending money because I was browsing when I shouldn't have been!) Here is what Payton got from Nonny and Papa...

I love hugs from Grandma (even though she is Nonny... they don't make nonny items) sleeper

Ducks sleeper

In case you can't see what this says it says "Star of Mommy's Blog" I can NOT wait to put this on her!
They also bought her one more outfit but that is going in its own post... 

Target owners love me

I really need to stay away from Target. Every single time I go in there I walk out with something for Payton. Even though I try not to, I just can't resist. We only went in there this time for hangers... I walked out $30 later... and only $4 of that was NOT for Payton. So... what did she get this time you might ask?


I guess this was Roscoe's favorite outfit

From the dollar spot

And 3 packages of hangers that I didn't take a picture of... because we all know what hangers look like (and I am not that crazy...yet)

Needless to say, I need to ban myself from Target.

Consignment Sale finds

A month or so ago, Amy told me about the KidsTown consignment sale. We were originally upset because we were supposed to work on Sat and Sat was the last day and everything (almost) was half off. We found out there was a presale day for first time moms. We signed up for that and I had been looking forward to it for a while. Of course Mother Nature decided to dump on us with some snow/rain/ice/idk what else. Driving conditions were awful (because they have no means to clean up this kind of weather here). I was devastated that I was going to miss the sale. But... mom to the rescue. She left work early and braved the elements and drove us to the sale. Lucky for us we were going the opposite way of all of the traffic, so it didn't take us the 2 hours it took Amy and Jason to get there. On Wednesday we got some clothes and a few other things (pictures below).

Then Saturday we didn't have to work so I decided to get up and go to the half price sale. I brought $40 with me hoping to not spend more than that. After waiting in line longer than I spent shopping, I spent only $38! I was rather impressed. I don't remember what I got (for clothes) which day, but anything that is NOT clothes was bought on Wednesday.  Be prepared- a lot of pictures are following...

Everything that is pictured together came together. Not one clothing item cost more than $5 and most of it was $3 or less! And most of the things had tags still on them!

Tummy Time mat... still in brand new package... I took it out to take the picture though

Jumperoo... practically brand new $30

Bumbo... this was the first thing we grabbed

A book for Tim and one for me... $3 each

Brand new

A bunch of onesies and 2 sleepers

And Roscoe... he was wanting to get in the pictures so bad!

22 weeks

Well, I am of course up before Tim (and Roscoe even) and I have no motivation to do any school work just yet. Well really who am I kidding- I won't have the motivation to do it at all but I don't have a choice. So I decided I could at least get my 22 week update posted and then maybe, just maybe, load all the pictures we have taken this week onto my computer so that I can eventually get my posts ready.

Date: February 13, 2011
How far along: 22 weeks (+1day)
Total weight gained: I refuse to step on the scale at the moment.... 
Sleep: still sharing half the bed with Tim and it is working out fabulous! Except when Roscoe decides he needs to get in between our two heads and sleep (like right now and I wish I could get a picture... but if I get up to get the camera he will move)
Best Moment of the week: Tim feeling Payton!
Movement: I felt her hiccups and little kicks here and there! I'll take whatever I can get. 
Food cravings: Well... I've been just wanting anything and everything...but Buffalo food is really haunting me (sponge candy, mighty taco, la novas, and jim's more specifically)... one month until I can get it (but have to be careful about it because when we return from that trip I have my gestational diabetes test... hmm poor timing on my part
Food Aversions: None
Maternity clothes: Last night I freaked out that I didn't have anything to get me through the next four months. Luckily after sitting in my closet I found some stuff that will hopefully work. 
Symptoms: Hungry- always! (yes still!)
What I miss: I don't miss anything.
What I'm looking forward to: Painting Payton's room!
Weekly wisdom: Sometimes the baby likes to play games... the least fun one that we have played so far was when she lays on a nerve and I lose complete use of my leg. 
Milestones: Tim felt Payton!! (can you tell this is a big deal for us?!)

According to the bump.com Payton is as big as

Baby's settling into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day. It shouldn't be hard to figure out when -- just pay attention to those kicks as they start and stop.

A tip for the people at all these baby sites... don't give a time for people to start feeling kicks. It freaks people like me out because I didn't feel them (thanks to Anterior Placenta) and I cried for days because I thought something was wrong.

On another note- I wish I knew where in that 12.7-20.8 oz range Payton falls. I know she is over 12.7 because two weeks ago she was 11oz and all I have been doing is eating! She must be having a growth spurt!

Dear Payton- work out your legs while you are in there... genetics are going to give you big thighs (especially once you start playing sports)... when you grow up you will not love them (even though I think your chunky monkey legs are too cute right now) so give yourself a head start! Also, two weeks ago you were breach... I know you have time to fix this, but let's get it done before it is too late.

On that note, I guess I should go eat some breakfast and get to working. It is going to be a horrific week at work...
(and you know the picture will be posted another time- we haven't even taken it yet!)


So usually I spend half of my Saturday researching things we need for Payton and the other half setting up my blogs for the week.... I did none of that today! I think I am all set on researching (except for a baby monitor- so if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them!) And I didn't get any blogs set up. I have a good reason though... I woke up this morning and went to a consignment sale. It was half off day and Payton got lots of goodies. Of course you know I am not going to share them with you just yet... those will be in their own post. (We also went to the sale for preview night Wednesday in the terrible weather... also another post to be coming.) Then me and mom went to get our nails done and to target (I swear I need to stay out of there...) where Payton got more goods... not just from me but from Nonny and Papa too! (also another post)... I then came home and freaked out that I had no clothes. After sitting (literally) in my closet for 20 minutes I realized that I might just have enough to make it until Payton makes her debut. Which is really good because Tim told me it was either buy for Payton or buy for me... I would rather buy her clothes than maternity clothes for me!

So anyways... all that rambling is to tell you that I was 100% a blogger slacker today and I will hopefully get some posts ready tomorrow (if I get my school work done for the week).

Tim just got home so I am going to go show him the good finds from the sale today.... you will have to wait to see them though :)