I want to post a few pictures of Roscoe from Christmas. They didn't go with my last post but he is too cute to not share these pictures.

Yea our dog opens his own presents!

And apparently decided he drinks my water too...

Rockin' his new snuggie from Nonny and Papa (yea he loves it)

Roscoe and daddy... he was really sick of me testing out my new lens on him

Me and Roscoe the Pooch. 
There are a ton more pictures but I just picked a few.

It just dawned on me also that the 15 week update may have to be done on Tuesday because tomorrow we have running around to do before the appointment and then afterwards have to come home and get ready to have a few people over. (Good thing I will be eating more food after the Doctor appointment.)

Oh and we love comments. Those make me smile too :) and itty bitty really loves them.

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  1. With all the excitement over the past few days...he was a really good boy...and you are right...He is LOVING his new Snuggie!!!!


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