Old Wives Tales

I figured this would be fun to do and help people decide if they want to vote boy or girl in our poll. I have looked up old wives tales for gender determination and I looked at a few chinese gender predictor charts...
Here are the results: (I have seen differing opinions on some of these and this is just for fun)

Chinese Gender Charts (26 years old, Sept conception)
Babyzone's chart says boy (I put in my birthdate and month of conception)
http://www.thelaboroflove.com/chart/index.html - Girl
http://www.babygenderprediction.com/chinese-gender-chart.html-  Girl
http://www.fortunebaby.com/chinesegenderpredictionchart.html?action=Y&age=26&month=9 - Girl
http://www.webwomb.com/chinesechart.htm- Girl

Other Tales
The ring test- hang a ring over your belly- if it swings in circles it is a girl, if it sways back and forth it is a boy... it swung in circles (I did it myself so I will have Tim do it when he gets home and see if we get the same result)- Girl  **I just found a site that says opposite- circles is boy, back and forth is girl- so whatever one you believe- it went in circles.
Heart rate- Over 140bpm they say is a girl... we had 148 and 168- Girl
No morning sickness- Boy
Face breaking out- Girl
No dramatic growth in the chest (what is considered dramatic?)- Boy (but there has been growth! yay me- sorry guys who don't care to know about this)
Sweet or sour cravings- sweet means girl, sour means boy... I think that I tend to want more sweet things so - Girl
Mayan legend says if the age and month of conception are both even or both odd numbers then it is a girl, if they are different it is a boy- 26 and 9- Boy
If your nose widens it is a boy- I don't think mine is, so- Girl
If your feet are colder during pregnancy, it is a boy- I am not sure if they are colder since it is winter now so I am not sure on this one. Most of the time they seem fine but as I am typing this, while wearing socks, they are cold... your call
Your hair on your legs grows faster if it is a boy. I thought it was in the beginning. Now I couldn't tell you because I don't pay attention- we will go with - Boy
Dad to be is not gaining weight with me...I have seen a site that says this means boy and I have seen a few that say girl, so again, whatever you think on this one. Your call
Add the month of conception and age- even is boy odd is girl. 26+9=35- Girl
Craving fruits (especially oranges) means girl...I have wanted apples and oranges a lot so- Girl
If you are having a lot of headaches it is a boy... I haven't had that many. Just a few so I would say - Girl

So our totals are:
Girl: 12
Boy: 5
Your Call: 2

My gut still says boy.. but I could be wrong. We will find out in one month!


  1. OMG I know I've been saying boy, but I have this SUDDEN urge that you're going to have a girl! girl girl girl!!!

  2. Well...part of me says girl...part of me says boy...and since I see you almost everyday.....drumroll please.....boy it is...

  3. I love this post. I'm going to go do the same - I am back and forth on all the wives tales too. But just for a guess - I say boy.

  4. My friend who is pregnant went through and said of the ones that are correct for her (she knows she is having a girl) they were all the physical ones- morning sickness, breaking out, etc. The chinese gender charts 2 were right 2 were wrong for her lol But it was a fun post to do

  5. ok I love that you put music to this blog....the songs you picked are awesome...Itty Bitty is one lucky baby!!!


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