From the mouth of a soon to be daddy...

Everyone has heard of that show "Sh*t my dad says" right... I have never watched it but I have seen plenty of previews and ads for it. I decided that I need to have a post for things Tim says. He may seem quiet, shy, or reserved to the outside world...but around people he really knows, he has some pretty good one liners. And now that I am pregnant, the things he says to or about the baby really crack me up- and need to be written out so I don't forget. (Maybe you might not think they are as funny as I do, but that's ok.)

First a few weeks ago while talking to the baby...
"You are going to find out sooner or later that your mom really likes her sleep. When it is night time we go to bed." (This after telling Tim that I think the baby sleeps during the day and makes me sick at night... not a funny one exactly but sweet none the less)
"Your mom and I are going to take care of you for 22 years and then you are going to get drafted early into the NFL and take care of us." (Clearly he is/was convinced this is a boy- and one destined to be a football player at that)
(next night) "Well since we don't know if you are a boy or a girl or not and we have been talking about it a lot, you need to know one thing. Whatever you are, just be that. If you are a girl- be a girl. If you are a boy- be a boy. No girly boys and no manly girls."

At the doctor on Monday after hearing the heartbeat...
"So the heartbeat is fast... that means it is for sure a boy right?!" My response "well babe the old wives tale says fast heartbeat means girl"... Tim puts his head down and just shakes it. (Now know that he will be happy with a boy or a girl and he doesn't care either way- he is just truly convinced we have a boy here.)

I am sure he has said some other ones but at this point I just can't remember. Anytime we have anything good to add I will just do a quick post- more for me to remember than anything else. But some people will get enjoyment out of reading these ones.

Later today (hopefully) I will take a picture of the last few things that we got for/about the baby for Christmas and post them.


  1. Love this...I am sure he has said other things too...and this is going to be great to share with the baby in years to come...LOVE IT!!!

  2. I love that he talks to your little one. I hope for his sake it's a boy but I also know how much I've enjoyed prepping for our little girl and I was REALLY wanting a boy first.

  3. I asked him if he would be sad if it is a girl. He said of course not... he just LOVES our boy name we picked!


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