Doctor's Appt and correct due date

Are you sick of me changing how far along I am yet? Because I sure am. I had a doctor's appointment Monday. You know the one where they take all your blood and expect you to just keep on keepin on like nothing happened... that's good for most people but certainly not me! I am a mess with needles (yes I am aware that in just 7 months I will be pushing out a baby which is far more pain than a tiny needle) and I thought for sure they would find me on the floor after this (not to mention I got the flu shot that day too). I told the nurse this and she let me lay down instead of sitting in the chair. And guess what... I did NOT fall on the floor! Go me! Before they drained me of my blood they listened for the baby's heartbeat. Apparently drinking orange juice before this appointment was a bad idea. The baby was all over the place. It took her a while to find the heart beat..which of course led to me silently freaking out. But once she found it, it was BEAUTIFUL! My doctor was outside the door and could hear it from the hall. He said it was in the 140s and it sounded really good. I found out my official due date is now June 18... and promptly told my dr that now that they wrote that on my papers, I won't have the baby that day and THAT is when I was wanting the baby. That's ok though..healthy on any day works for us.

So what does all that mean? I officially am starting my 12th week today! Finally! No there are no pictures yet. I have been so messed up on these dates that my pictures are messed up. I am going to have to go through and relabel all the pictures on the computer by the week it is. Once I do that I will start uploading- I promise!

We are hoping to take a pic and send out Christmas cards this week. We planned on telling people with an actual Christmas gift meaning everyone would find out on Christmas. Unfortunately we have to bump it up because people at work are noticing and I really don't want someone to post on my facebook and have family find out that way. So Tim finally agreed to get the pictures and cards ready. Of course that means I need to somehow look presentable to TAKE a cute picture.

So this week the baby is the size of a ...

plum!As you move into the second trimester, baby shifts into the growth and maturation stage. After weeks in the critical development stage, almost all of her systems are fully formed.

Speaking of a plum...that sounds pretty tasty.. but we don't have any. Oh well...

Since I am on my way into my second trimester, I am hoping all this talk of refound energy is true. Because I could really use it. And losing of the nausea would be nice too. I told Tim I felt bad because I wanted to do the laundry today so he would be proud to come home to the laundry done. Unfortunately ever since last night I have been feeling terrible (that is what I get for mixing stuffed peppers, apple juice, and sprite) and every time I stand up I get sick again. His response... I'm proud of you for carrying our baby. Like I said... I am pretty lucky.

My goals for today are to finish cutting coupons and make a grocery list so we can go shopping tonight. Only 9 teaching days until winter break... I can do this! No promises but I might try to get the picture thing straightened out today (because I really want to write in my Belly Book).

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