Christmas Cards

Well- it's time to get our Christmas cards out and announce this pregnancy to everyone. I started my 13th week today! I can't believe it! By the time everyone can read this- they will all already have this card. So I figured I would post the pictures we created. I am really excited about them...

Coming up (after I get these set to print and nap)... a 13 week update.

And I will leave you with a 12 week belly picture...
12 weeks in front of our tree (and Tim's mini real tree with Bills colored decorations)


  1. Very cute...funny you don't look that big with clothes over your belly!!!

    Love that "itty bitty" is growing...I can't wait till we can be publicly excited!!!

    Love you!!!

  2. Cute! You seem like you are carrying higher. I'm going to say girl! (Even though I don't really buy that old tale, but it's fun!) I've been carrying low the entire time, I'm having a boy so who knows?

  3. Haha I don't buy any of the dumb tales either because they all tell me different things! My doctor made a good point... all of those things have a 50% chance of being right... not a bad record lol


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