Baby Bump's First Christmas

My best friend Ashley got us this ornament. Isn't it the best? And once I got my new lens from Tim I had to take this picture (I love the blurred background effect)
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a nice time even though it was a long day. Christmas eve I couldn't sleep from feeling so sick. I woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep until 5:30 and then woke back up at 6:30. At that point I just stayed up until 7 when Tim got up and we had our Christmas morning. Tim got me my kitchenaid mixer, a new lens for my camera, a new gps, some small things, and a diaper bag filled with baby goodness... 

Not just any diaper bag...but Vera Bradley- in a pattern I have had my eye on for a while!
Tim knows if we have a boy, he will have to at least use this once. And the paper says "please save my clothes from this food" (he put little notes on a few things)
Yes my husband knows that than and then are different and it is one of my pet peeves... and in case you don't understand I have the B&N Nook... that's where this note came from
teething beads (I guess I took this picture sideways?)
another teething ring

"Move over gramps, I got the kees now" (keys spelled intentionally wrong)
He did really good with the "mommy gift"... I got him a daddy gift but it wasn't nearly as creative. I got him a bunch of clothes, a griddle, a Poland jacket he has been asking for probably since we started dating (I had to reallllly build up the anticipation for 5 years so he would really appreciate the gift), an amazingly gorgeous FSU blanket, and a PS3. Wife of the year goes to me (he agrees!) His daddy gift was...
He wanted this frame when we saw it at Target but didn't get I got it for him

And I couldn't pass this up!
My parents bought us gifts too that are baby related... Tim got this...

Maybe he will read some of it BEFORE the baby gets here though idk now that I got him his ps3
And I got...
books of course! (and the Santa Paws dvd)
I was officially 15 weeks yesterday but I will do the 15 week update after my appt tomorrow. I am sure the doctor will not very happy with my weight... what can I say, the holidays did me in this year. The baby just loved all the holiday yumminess!

There is a poll on the right sidebar. Do you think we will have a boy or a girl? Vote! I say boy and Tim says boy. I want to see what everyone else thinks. And if you are reading along make sure to click the follow button over on the right too! It puts a smile on my face :)

I am going right now to edit the 14 week post with a picture. 15 weeks may not have a picture. We took one but I am not sure I want to share it. I maybe will take a new one tomorrow to share. We will see how I feel.


  1. This was a great Christmas!!! Itty Bitty is getting so big in there I can't wait to meet him/her...oh yea...I voted too.... :)

  2. Look at all those cute baby stuff! I absolutely love that ornament! What a great idea!!! :)

  3. That ornament is from the godmother to be! I thought it was too cute!


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