From the mouth of a soon to be daddy...

Everyone has heard of that show "Sh*t my dad says" right... I have never watched it but I have seen plenty of previews and ads for it. I decided that I need to have a post for things Tim says. He may seem quiet, shy, or reserved to the outside world...but around people he really knows, he has some pretty good one liners. And now that I am pregnant, the things he says to or about the baby really crack me up- and need to be written out so I don't forget. (Maybe you might not think they are as funny as I do, but that's ok.)

First a few weeks ago while talking to the baby...
"You are going to find out sooner or later that your mom really likes her sleep. When it is night time we go to bed." (This after telling Tim that I think the baby sleeps during the day and makes me sick at night... not a funny one exactly but sweet none the less)
"Your mom and I are going to take care of you for 22 years and then you are going to get drafted early into the NFL and take care of us." (Clearly he is/was convinced this is a boy- and one destined to be a football player at that)
(next night) "Well since we don't know if you are a boy or a girl or not and we have been talking about it a lot, you need to know one thing. Whatever you are, just be that. If you are a girl- be a girl. If you are a boy- be a boy. No girly boys and no manly girls."

At the doctor on Monday after hearing the heartbeat...
"So the heartbeat is fast... that means it is for sure a boy right?!" My response "well babe the old wives tale says fast heartbeat means girl"... Tim puts his head down and just shakes it. (Now know that he will be happy with a boy or a girl and he doesn't care either way- he is just truly convinced we have a boy here.)

I am sure he has said some other ones but at this point I just can't remember. Anytime we have anything good to add I will just do a quick post- more for me to remember than anything else. But some people will get enjoyment out of reading these ones.

Later today (hopefully) I will take a picture of the last few things that we got for/about the baby for Christmas and post them.

Old Wives Tales

I figured this would be fun to do and help people decide if they want to vote boy or girl in our poll. I have looked up old wives tales for gender determination and I looked at a few chinese gender predictor charts...
Here are the results: (I have seen differing opinions on some of these and this is just for fun)

Chinese Gender Charts (26 years old, Sept conception)
Babyzone's chart says boy (I put in my birthdate and month of conception) - Girl  Girl - Girl Girl

Other Tales
The ring test- hang a ring over your belly- if it swings in circles it is a girl, if it sways back and forth it is a boy... it swung in circles (I did it myself so I will have Tim do it when he gets home and see if we get the same result)- Girl  **I just found a site that says opposite- circles is boy, back and forth is girl- so whatever one you believe- it went in circles.
Heart rate- Over 140bpm they say is a girl... we had 148 and 168- Girl
No morning sickness- Boy
Face breaking out- Girl
No dramatic growth in the chest (what is considered dramatic?)- Boy (but there has been growth! yay me- sorry guys who don't care to know about this)
Sweet or sour cravings- sweet means girl, sour means boy... I think that I tend to want more sweet things so - Girl
Mayan legend says if the age and month of conception are both even or both odd numbers then it is a girl, if they are different it is a boy- 26 and 9- Boy
If your nose widens it is a boy- I don't think mine is, so- Girl
If your feet are colder during pregnancy, it is a boy- I am not sure if they are colder since it is winter now so I am not sure on this one. Most of the time they seem fine but as I am typing this, while wearing socks, they are cold... your call
Your hair on your legs grows faster if it is a boy. I thought it was in the beginning. Now I couldn't tell you because I don't pay attention- we will go with - Boy
Dad to be is not gaining weight with me...I have seen a site that says this means boy and I have seen a few that say girl, so again, whatever you think on this one. Your call
Add the month of conception and age- even is boy odd is girl. 26+9=35- Girl
Craving fruits (especially oranges) means girl...I have wanted apples and oranges a lot so- Girl
If you are having a lot of headaches it is a boy... I haven't had that many. Just a few so I would say - Girl

So our totals are:
Girl: 12
Boy: 5
Your Call: 2

My gut still says boy.. but I could be wrong. We will find out in one month!

15 weeks/Dr appt

We had our monthly doctor appointment yesterday. I was so anxious to get there and here the heartbeat again. We did the usual, including getting on the scale. I asked the nurse if she was sure this was a good idea- ya know being that we just had Christmas and all... she laughed. I, however, was not kidding. I knew what I was going to see on the scale. After that we went into the room and listened for the heartbeat. This time she found it right away. It was 168! The first time we heard the heartbeat it was 148! (Last appt they didn't tell me it but the Dr said it sounded like it was in the 140's- so quite a jump.) Poor kid is trying to exercise off all the holiday food and getting his/her heart rate up. While we were there we set up our next appointment (with the most clueless receptionist ever... she said "oh they want to see you back in a month" well yes lady they are going to see me every month.. I am pregnant after all) for January 28. This is the day we will hopefully find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I will just be laying on that table until they can tell what this little baby is. 

15 week stats
Date: December 28, 2010
How far along: 15 weeks 3 days
Total weight gained:  I plead the fifth and blame Christmas
Sleep:  Well I am not sleeping in like I had hoped but I am sleeping through the night most nights.
Best moment of the week:  Getting to hear the heartbeat again and setting up the U/S
Movement:  Nothing that I am sure of. My doctor said in the next few weeks I should feel something that I can be sure is the baby... we will see how alert I am.
Food Craving: Nothing but I did need cucumbers again the other day because I felt so sick.
Food Aversions:  Still none
Morning Sickness:  Nope
Gender:  Still thinking boy 
Maternity clothes:  I got some more for Christmas and I may just get a few more things but not much. I will get by with just enough to have a different outfit each day of the week.
Symptoms:  On and off nausea. Back aches. Tired.
What I miss:  Nothing really- well ok I miss sleeping in
What I'm looking forward to:  January 28!
Weekly wisdom:  Hmmm- I guess I am just not wise... I have learned to not stress about small things though. 
Milestones:  I have made it this far without puking once... I say that is an accomplishment. 

According to thebump the baby is the size of a

naval orange!
Continuing the march toward normal proportions, baby's legs now out-measure his arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably can't feel the movements just yet.

Sorry there is no 15 week picture. We took one- I just wasn't feeling it and don't really want to share it. Maybe next week.

My plans for my next post are:
1.) look up old wives tales and post them and the results of them- this might help some people complete the poll on the right sidebar.
2.) take pictures of a few more things that we have gotten for the baby as gifts that are already in the baby room and therefore didn't make it in the last post about baby gifts because I forgot to go get them out of the room and take the picture. 


I want to post a few pictures of Roscoe from Christmas. They didn't go with my last post but he is too cute to not share these pictures.

Yea our dog opens his own presents!

And apparently decided he drinks my water too...

Rockin' his new snuggie from Nonny and Papa (yea he loves it)

Roscoe and daddy... he was really sick of me testing out my new lens on him

Me and Roscoe the Pooch. 
There are a ton more pictures but I just picked a few.

It just dawned on me also that the 15 week update may have to be done on Tuesday because tomorrow we have running around to do before the appointment and then afterwards have to come home and get ready to have a few people over. (Good thing I will be eating more food after the Doctor appointment.)

Oh and we love comments. Those make me smile too :) and itty bitty really loves them.

Baby Bump's First Christmas

My best friend Ashley got us this ornament. Isn't it the best? And once I got my new lens from Tim I had to take this picture (I love the blurred background effect)
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a nice time even though it was a long day. Christmas eve I couldn't sleep from feeling so sick. I woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep until 5:30 and then woke back up at 6:30. At that point I just stayed up until 7 when Tim got up and we had our Christmas morning. Tim got me my kitchenaid mixer, a new lens for my camera, a new gps, some small things, and a diaper bag filled with baby goodness... 

Not just any diaper bag...but Vera Bradley- in a pattern I have had my eye on for a while!
Tim knows if we have a boy, he will have to at least use this once. And the paper says "please save my clothes from this food" (he put little notes on a few things)
Yes my husband knows that than and then are different and it is one of my pet peeves... and in case you don't understand I have the B&N Nook... that's where this note came from
teething beads (I guess I took this picture sideways?)
another teething ring

"Move over gramps, I got the kees now" (keys spelled intentionally wrong)
He did really good with the "mommy gift"... I got him a daddy gift but it wasn't nearly as creative. I got him a bunch of clothes, a griddle, a Poland jacket he has been asking for probably since we started dating (I had to reallllly build up the anticipation for 5 years so he would really appreciate the gift), an amazingly gorgeous FSU blanket, and a PS3. Wife of the year goes to me (he agrees!) His daddy gift was...
He wanted this frame when we saw it at Target but didn't get I got it for him

And I couldn't pass this up!
My parents bought us gifts too that are baby related... Tim got this...

Maybe he will read some of it BEFORE the baby gets here though idk now that I got him his ps3
And I got...
books of course! (and the Santa Paws dvd)
I was officially 15 weeks yesterday but I will do the 15 week update after my appt tomorrow. I am sure the doctor will not very happy with my weight... what can I say, the holidays did me in this year. The baby just loved all the holiday yumminess!

There is a poll on the right sidebar. Do you think we will have a boy or a girl? Vote! I say boy and Tim says boy. I want to see what everyone else thinks. And if you are reading along make sure to click the follow button over on the right too! It puts a smile on my face :)

I am going right now to edit the 14 week post with a picture. 15 weeks may not have a picture. We took one but I am not sure I want to share it. I maybe will take a new one tomorrow to share. We will see how I feel.

I can't believe... is already Christmas... and that this time next year things will be so different! I am so excited to be able to have baby's first christmas next year! So maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself here, being that it is a year away... but can you blame me?!

We took a belly picture last night and according to Tim they all look the same... so now instead of feeling like I look pregnant, I feel like I look like a blob. As soon as I plug the camera in and load all the pictures I will put the belly picture in my last post. I have a doctor's appointment Monday (and I have probably already mentioned that) and I am so excited. It seems like this last 4 weeks since my last appointment have just dragged on and on.

I have been so scatter brained lately that I am not ready for Christmas. I just finished shopping yesterday and technically still have one gift left to order. Luckily that gift is for my mom and she understands how clueless I am sometimes and will accept a picture of the gift to come until I get it. Oh we have two gifts to ship up to Buffalo too...

We have stocked up on diapers (enough for now anyways)... 2 packages of newborn, 3 size 1, and 3 size 2 (I think) so our next thing will be so start stocking up on the little stuff- wipes, qtips, lotions... stuff that adds up but you can never have too much of. We are thinking about buying our travel system in the next month or so (I realllly want it to be gender neutral if I can stick to it) and possibly our swing. People are probably thinking we should just register for it, but there is so much that we need that I will feel better if we can get that out of the way. We will see. I have been researching travel systems for a long time and still haven't picked one, so at the rate we are going, it may very well be on a registry.

I found this great idea on a blog that I read that I am thinking we will do. The girl used two bookshelves and totes to store things such as burp cloths, diapers, bath stuff, sleepers, swaddlers, sheets, etc. I like the idea a lot because those are things that I know we won't have a place for. We might just use a bookshelf I already have (a tall one) and get the totes. I like the idea of each having their own tote so I know exactly where to put things and where to get them from plus those things don't need to take up dresser space then. I am guessing I would have totes for- diapers, burp cloths, blankets, bath time (washcloths, soaps, etc), bibs, pacifiers/teething things (this could just be a small tote), sheets... probably a few others but I won't know until I have a ton of stuff staring at me with no place to go.

I have gotten some gifts that I want to take pictures of and post so maybe we will do that tomorrow. Hopefully everyone has a Merry Christmas! And hopefully after tomorrow this blog will be a way for my family to keep up with what is going on with us since we don't live at home anymore.

14 weeks

Here we are...14 weeks-which according to the What to Expect book, is being my my 4th month. Little did I know since just yesterday I told my dentist I was 3 months. Ah well. I should just stick to how many weeks I am because I can't keep track of the week-month conversions. Speaking of the dentist, usually pregnancy is bad for teeth (especially the women in my family)... amazingly enough this was probably the best dentist appt I have had in YEARS. Ok I know this isn't about my teeth but I am so excited that they didn't have to use the water pick and there are no cavities. I thought for sure they would be in bad shape with being pregnant.

Back to pregnancy news... we are going to finally post the news on facebook on Christmas and we can make this blog public. Most people know at this point (and our cards were a big hit) but Tim really wanted to wait until Christmas to post- so we will. I have been researching breast feeding and how that would work when I go back to teaching. It seems very overwhelming to me right now and I keep going back and forth with whether I want to or not. (And no, I don't need your opinions on the matter.)

I am 14 weeks and 4 days (I really need to be better at updating this thing) and am starting to feel better on a more regular basis. Sometimes I get nauseous at night but not every night anymore. Being on winter break sure has helped too. I actually slept until 9am today! It would have been longer but Roscoe felt the need to gag in my ear. We have a doctor's appointment on Monday and I am hoping when I am there we can set up the BIG ultrasound to find out if this is a boy or a girl. I can't decide if when we find out we will reveal the name choice or not. Only a few people know the names I have picked and I am not sure if I want to reveal it right away. A while ago (as in, pre-pregnancy) Tim and I decided on the best girl name... and the other day his cousin (who is due in July) told me she picked that same name (without me having told her the name)... I can't find any other name that I love as much as this name. Our boy name no one has picked yet.

Weekly update (picture will be added to this post later, as I am currently a disaster and don't want to take a picture right now--sorry there was no 13 week picture, I must have gotten sidetracked by my exhaustion- the girls date was VERY exhausting and that was the night I laughed myself to sleep thanks to Amy and Jason)

Date: December 22, 2010
How far along: 14 weeks 4 days
Total weight gained:  still just 5lbs
Sleep:  Being on break I can sleep in or nap so I am content with sleep right now!
Best moment of the week:  It's a secret ;)
Movement:  When I was waking up from a nap i thought I felt the baby move (ya know, the flutters..) but I am not sure if I did or if I imagined it in my half awake half asleep state.
Food Craving: I don't have cravings...I just like instant gratification. I decide I want to eat and don't want to wait to eat whatever I am going to get. 
Food Aversions:  I'm still ok here
Morning Sickness:  Nope
Gender:  Still thinking boy 
Maternity clothes:  My friend Amy gave me a bag of maternity clothes that she got from a friend... the story that comes with me opening that bag had us laughing all night... thank you Jason for the entertainment :)
Symptoms:  Just occasional nausea. I am still tired a lot but I am at least trying to be productive more.
What I miss:  I am ok really. 
What I'm looking forward to:  Hearing the heartbeat again Monday and hopefully setting up the BIG u/s appt. 
Weekly wisdom:  I really think I should just take this portion out... but I do have some wisdom for people trying to get pregnant... STOP STRESSING! 
Milestones:  Being productive while pregnant! 

and thebump says.... the baby is the size of

Your adorable little fetus is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, (not so cute but equally amazing) making urine, and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys, and spleen continue to develop. Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over her body for warmth.

Well this was a nice break from trying to tackle my to do list, but I have quite a bit to do (which includes wrapping all the Christmas gifts) and need to get back to it. Hopefully a picture will be added later tonight or tomorrow...

The long awaited picture...

13 weeks...

Well this is a little late (as in 6 days late because tomorrow will be 14 weeks) but better late than never.  So as of last Saturday I am 13 weeks... so 13w6d today. I am really hoping everyone gets their cards today. Just a few days and then I can make this thing public. I found this on another blog that I read and I decided I would do it on each weekly update starting now.

Date: December 17, 2010
How far along: 13 weeks 6 days
Total weight gained:  5lbs according to my home scale
Sleep:  I wake up around 4 every morning thanks to the bladder.. and even on days off don't sleep past 730 was my lucky day- slept til 830!
Best moment of the week:  The fact that today starts 2 weeks work free.
Movement:  none yet but I asked Tim to tell the baby I am ready to feel it. 
Food Craving: I have no real cravings yet but I really want some La Nova's... Can't wait until March to get some!
Food Aversions:  Somedays nothing sounds appealing to me but I still eat. Nothing has really made me sick on its own.
Morning Sickness:  No not at all. I get after lunch nausea instead.
Gender:  Too early to know but I am thinking boy. 
Maternity clothes:  I have a few for the comfort and I do the rubber band trick with work pants. After Christmas I will be getting more maternity clothes. 
Symptoms:  Well the sore boobs (sorry TMI) has finally stopped but the exhaustion has not. The nausea is coming and going and now I sleep so ridiculous that my back kills. And I get a pinching pain under my rib. I pretend its heartburn so that I can pretend this child will have a chance at having hair.
What I miss:  Typically nothing but sometimes I really just want a Dr. Pepper. 
What I'm looking forward to:  Feeling movements... any time now baby
Weekly wisdom:  You expect me to have wisdom? Hmm... maybe next week.
Milestones:  Almost 14 weeks so I think that means I will be in the 2nd trimester? And made it past 12 weeks!

So according to thebump the baby is the size of a

Your fetus is forming teeth and vocal cords...savor this, their nonfunctional phase. Baby is approaching normal proportions, with his head now only one third the size of his body. And intestines are in the process of moving from the umbilical cord to baby's tummy -- much more convenient.
We forgot to take a belly picture for 13 weeks... I guess we will do that tonight and when we do I will upload it into here. (Which will look a whole lot like the 14 week picture since that starts tomorrow-oops)

I am off to a girls date... Pizza Hut lunch buffet and running a ton of errands with Amy- my trailer buddy (we teach in a trailer- that we share- a literal doublewide) who is ALSO  pregnant with baby Aubrey due in April! I can't wait to meet her (and we have already declared our kids will be bffs or end up married). It's funny because when we found out we were in the doublewide (DW for short) we joked about if we both got pregnant we would be double wide in a double wide.... and here we are- both pregnant. When we are both hugely pregnant... there will be some great pictures to come... look forward to those!

Christmas Cards

Well- it's time to get our Christmas cards out and announce this pregnancy to everyone. I started my 13th week today! I can't believe it! By the time everyone can read this- they will all already have this card. So I figured I would post the pictures we created. I am really excited about them...

Coming up (after I get these set to print and nap)... a 13 week update.

And I will leave you with a 12 week belly picture...
12 weeks in front of our tree (and Tim's mini real tree with Bills colored decorations)

Doctor's Appt and correct due date

Are you sick of me changing how far along I am yet? Because I sure am. I had a doctor's appointment Monday. You know the one where they take all your blood and expect you to just keep on keepin on like nothing happened... that's good for most people but certainly not me! I am a mess with needles (yes I am aware that in just 7 months I will be pushing out a baby which is far more pain than a tiny needle) and I thought for sure they would find me on the floor after this (not to mention I got the flu shot that day too). I told the nurse this and she let me lay down instead of sitting in the chair. And guess what... I did NOT fall on the floor! Go me! Before they drained me of my blood they listened for the baby's heartbeat. Apparently drinking orange juice before this appointment was a bad idea. The baby was all over the place. It took her a while to find the heart beat..which of course led to me silently freaking out. But once she found it, it was BEAUTIFUL! My doctor was outside the door and could hear it from the hall. He said it was in the 140s and it sounded really good. I found out my official due date is now June 18... and promptly told my dr that now that they wrote that on my papers, I won't have the baby that day and THAT is when I was wanting the baby. That's ok though..healthy on any day works for us.

So what does all that mean? I officially am starting my 12th week today! Finally! No there are no pictures yet. I have been so messed up on these dates that my pictures are messed up. I am going to have to go through and relabel all the pictures on the computer by the week it is. Once I do that I will start uploading- I promise!

We are hoping to take a pic and send out Christmas cards this week. We planned on telling people with an actual Christmas gift meaning everyone would find out on Christmas. Unfortunately we have to bump it up because people at work are noticing and I really don't want someone to post on my facebook and have family find out that way. So Tim finally agreed to get the pictures and cards ready. Of course that means I need to somehow look presentable to TAKE a cute picture.

So this week the baby is the size of a ...

plum!As you move into the second trimester, baby shifts into the growth and maturation stage. After weeks in the critical development stage, almost all of her systems are fully formed.

Speaking of a plum...that sounds pretty tasty.. but we don't have any. Oh well...

Since I am on my way into my second trimester, I am hoping all this talk of refound energy is true. Because I could really use it. And losing of the nausea would be nice too. I told Tim I felt bad because I wanted to do the laundry today so he would be proud to come home to the laundry done. Unfortunately ever since last night I have been feeling terrible (that is what I get for mixing stuffed peppers, apple juice, and sprite) and every time I stand up I get sick again. His response... I'm proud of you for carrying our baby. Like I said... I am pretty lucky.

My goals for today are to finish cutting coupons and make a grocery list so we can go shopping tonight. Only 9 teaching days until winter break... I can do this! No promises but I might try to get the picture thing straightened out today (because I really want to write in my Belly Book).